Abortion Supporters Change Their Mind on Abortion in Minutes After They Saw This

National   |   Emily Derois   |   Jul 7, 2016   |   9:08AM   |   Washington, DC

Live Action recently produced a series of pro-life videos that are changing hearts and minds. These videos have gone viral, and viewers who once considered themselves “pro-choice” are watching and realizing that abortion isn’t something they support.

The videos, created as part of the AbortionProcedures.com project, have more than 42 million views, making them the most watched pro-life videos in history, according to Live Action News.

The youth-oriented pro-life organization interviewed people on the street and showed them videos that illustrate what happens to unborn babies in abortion procedures, including the D&E abortion and the first trimester suction D&C abortion. After watching the videos, many people completely changed their opinion regarding abortion.

Live Action News shared one of the reactions:

Interviewer: Would you restrict [abortion] at any point?

Woman: No.

Interviewer: No? So all the way up?

Woman: All the way up

[Watches video]

Woman: It’s rough.

Interviewer:  Do you think now watching this— and from what you just said—do you still support abortion up to birth?



Woman: No. I don’t think I support it, period.

The videos feature former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explaining the reality behind abortion. Levatino is now pro-life, and the videos have been peer reviewed by medical professionals to ensure that the information is accurate, according to Live Action.

Live Action President Lila Rose explained that the videos reveal the horror of abortion to the public.

“Abortionists have worked for decades to keep women in the dark about how developed their preborn children in the womb are and what abortion procedures actually entail for both the mother and the child,” Rose said.

She continued, “The more people learn about abortion, the more they see how barbaric and inhumane it is — whether the abortion is committed by depriving a preborn child of nutrients for days until she dies, or by ripping her limbs apart while she’s still alive, or by injecting her with a drug to end her life.”

The response to the abortion procedures videos demonstrates the importance of educating the public about the gruesome nature of abortion. People naturally want to support women, especially a mother in a difficult situation, and therefore call themselves “pro-choice.” However, as the videos are showing, after learning the reality of abortion and what it does to an unborn child, most people can no longer support it.