Networks Censor News of Abortionist Caught With 14 Containers of Aborted Babies in His Car

National   |   Katie Yoder   |   Jul 6, 2016   |   3:58PM   |   Washington, DC

Keeping with tradition, the networks are censoring the abortion industry’s latest Gosnell-like horror story.

At the end of June, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette charged 74-year-old abortionist Michael Arthur Roth with possession with intent to deliver narcotic Fentanyl, six counts of identity theft and three counts of larceny. While drug-related, the charges hinted at something even more ominous: potentially illegal abortions.

In October, local stations first reported that police discovered multiple containers of “human tissue” in the Michigan abortionist’s car. The story eerily echoed the case of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell – and, like Gosnell, it didn’t tempt coverage from the nationally broadcast networks. All three, ABC, NBC and CBS, turned a blind eye during their national news shows. Even now, with formal charges, they refuse to mention the story.

But law enforcement officials are taking the incident seriously.

“Dr. Roth’s actions jeopardized the safety of Michigan’s healthcare system,” Schuette said in the press release. “His attempt to break the law at the expense of his patient’s safety is not only illegal, but goes against the code he took upon becoming a doctor.”

Roth was also “charged with violating the Michigan public health code,” the press release continued, and, as a result, could face suspension of his medical license.

But that didn’t count as a story for the networks – not even at a time when clinic safety is a hot topic.

After a traffic accident in September, Michigan police went to Roth’s car to retrieve items for him. But they wound up retrieving much more than they bargained for: “evidence of six prescriptions for Ciprofloxacin, a common antibiotic used with abortion procedures,” Fentanyl, “a drug commonly used as a sedative during termination procedures,” and “containers of post-conception material.”

According to a police incident report of the accident released by pro-life group Live Action, police found a total of 15 “suspected human tissue” containers.

“The working theory,” WXYZ, a local ABC affiliate reported at the time, “is he may have been performing abortions outside of a clinical setting.”

The Ciprofloxin prescriptions found were allegedly written by Dr. Angel Ojeda, who manages an abortion clinic in Eastpointe, Michigan, where Roth occasionally worked. But both Dr. Ojeda and the women listed on the prescriptions said they knew nothing of the prescriptions.

The case background elaborated further:

Dr. Ojeda also stated that a large amount of Fentanyl was stolen from his office in December 2014. When interviewed, Ojeda stated he had never given Roth permission to have Fentanyl or Ciprofloxacin from his clinic, a statement which was corroborated by a clinic employee. A separate medical assistant employed at the Eastland Women’s Center allegedly admitted to stealing medical equipment and medications used in abortions from the clinic for Roth.

After the accident, police obtained search warrants and raided both Roth’s house and office while local, state and federal officials placed Roth under investigation.

With the warrants, officials discovered additional Fentanyl, cash attached to names and “what is believed to be pregnancy information” as well as medical instruments including syringes, disposable scalpels and empty containers “similar to the ones filled with post-conception material” located in Roth’s car. The Fentanyl in Roth’s car and house matched the Fentanyl allegedly stolen from Ojeda’s clinic.

The Daily Beast reported the specifics on the cash:

“This currency was divided and bundled with a paperclip,” a West Bloomfield detective wrote in a supporting affidavit reviewed by The Daily Beast. “On the bundle would be a small yellow sticky paper which had the last name of a person, and information that is believed to be the length of a person’s pregnancy (i.e. 18 [weeks]) with an amount also listed (i.e. 250).”

Roth has run into trouble with the law before, as documented by the Daily Beast and Life News. Among other things, according to WXYZ, Roth “was cited by the state as incompetent and negligent for performing home abortions in 1998 and 1999.”

In the past, the broadcast networks found time for other violent stories related to abortion, such as an arson at a Planned Parenthood clinic. But stories that reveal abortion for what it is – the ripping apart of babies – aren’t as popular with the media.



The media similarly stayed silent with Gosnell. Gosnell’s trial, in which witnesses described baby abortion survivors “swimming” in toilets “to get out,” attracted a scant 12–15 reporters. Only after 56 days, multiple letters from members of the House of Representatives and a public outcry, did all three broadcast networks report on Gosnell.

According to the grand jury report, a search team found “fetal remains haphazardly stored throughout [Gosnell’s] clinic – in bags, milk jugs, orange juice cartons, and even in cat-food containers.”

Methodology: MRC Culture searched Nexis for “Michael Roth.”

LifeNews Note: Katie Yoder writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.