Warren Buffet’s Wife Funded Researchers Who Supreme Court Used to Overturn Pro-Life Law

National   |   Emily Derois   |   Jul 5, 2016   |   10:35AM   |   Washington, DC

The recent Supreme Court ruling Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt struck down basic safety requirements for abortion facilities in Texas. The data that influenced this historic decision was largely procured by the pro-abortion Texas Policy Evaluation Project (TxPEP), which is funded by the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, Bloomberg reports.

The foundation is named after Warren Buffett’s late first wife; and the billionaire family has a reputation for using its massive wealth to push abortions. In 2013 alone, Buffett donated $62 million to Planned Parenthood, Newsbusters reported.

Stephanie Toti, attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights, told Bloomberg how the Buffett-funded TxPEP data was used in the recent Supreme Court ruling.

“TxPEP was able to collect and analyze Texas-specific data about the impact of this law in real time. All of that was incredibly helpful, and filled a gap that otherwise existed in the research landscape.”

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Professor Michael New debunked the study in an article at LifeNews, but the five liberal Supreme Court justices who overturned the Texas law cited the TxPEP data several times in their decision, according to the report. They said the data showed that the law created an “undue burden” for women seeking abortions in Texas.

Warren Buffet has a long history of assisting abortion advocates. The National Review described how the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation uses its funds:

…it’s clear the foundation pours millions into pro-choice organizations, with a special focus on funding for abortions. In addition to funding general women’s health organizations and some political groups, Buffett gives generously to organizations that use their funds specifically to help women pay for abortions.

For instance, STBF gave more than $21 million in 2010 to the National Abortion Federation Hotline Fund. That organization’s 990 says its mission is “to ensure that women have the information and resources they need to access quality abortion care.” It also “provides case management services to women with special needs and limited financial assistance to subsidize care for low-income women,” per its 990 from 2012 (the latest year accessible).

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation continues to fund pro-abortion groups. The group’s financial support of the TxPEP contributed to the SCOTUS ruling, a decision that dismantled safety rules for abortion facilities and jeopardized millions of lives.