Woman Who Killed a Pregnant Mom and Her Unborn Baby Now on FBI’s Most Wanted List

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 29, 2016   |   7:18PM   |   Milwaukee, WI

The FBI put a Wisconsin woman on its “Most Wanted” list this week after she allegedly killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child just five days before the baby was due, WPVI reports.

Shanika S. Minor, 24, of Milwaukee, is the only woman on the agency’s “10 Most Wanted Fugitives” list, according to the report. Minor is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child, WTMJ-TV reports.

In March, Minor allegedly shot and killed her mother’s pregnant neighbor, 23-year-old Tamecca Perry and her 9-month unborn child after a dispute about loud music. According to news reports, Perry and Minor had gone to high school together.

“This was a senseless crime,” Special Agent Chad Piontek told reporters. “We believe Minor is capable of more violence. We need to capture her so no one else is harmed.”

The FBI is offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to her arrest, NBC reports. Piontek said they hope the reward will prompt the people helping Minor to inform them of her whereabouts. The FBI considers Minor to be armed and extremely dangerous.

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The incident occurred in March when Minor allegedly went to Perry’s house to complain about loud music being played at an “unreasonable hour,” authorities said. The FBI alleges Minor met Perry on the sidewalk outside her home, waved a firearm at her and challenged her to a fight; but when Minor’s mother intervened, she left.

The next morning, authorities said Minor went back to Perry’s home and confronted her a second time. According to the FBI, Minor’s mother tried to stop her again, but Minor allegedly pointed a firearm over her mother’s shoulder and fatally shot Perry in the chest. Both Perry and her unborn baby died as a result.

The FBI said Minor ran away from the scene and has not been seen since. Authorities believes friends or family could be helping Minor hide in Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio or Georgia.

Violence against pregnant women and their unborn babies is common – even without counting abortion.

In May, LifeNews reported another tragic murder case involving an 18-year-old Oregon woman and her unborn child. Charreen Stanford was five months pregnant and had just learned that she was having a baby girl when another 18-year-old woman, Tan’nekqwa Thompson, who living in her home, allegedly stabbed her to death, according to authorities.

In another horrific 2015 case, a pregnant Colorado woman also was attacked and her unborn daughter was cut out of her womb. Dynel Catrece Lane was arrested in 2015 after she attacked a pregnant woman and cut her 7-month-old unborn baby from her womb. In April, she was sentenced to 100 years in prison for the crime, LifeNews reported. In this unbelievable act of violence, the baby died but the mother, Michelle Wilkins, survived. A 911 recording shows the baby breathed a heavy last gasp before she died.

Tragically, in Wilkins’ case, she was the only victim recognized in the crime against her and her unborn baby. In Colorado, unlike most other states, people can’t be charged with a second crime for killing or injuring unborn babies.

According to the National Right to Life Committee, 37 states have laws that recognize the unlawful killing of an unborn child as a homicide in at least some circumstances.