Mom Pregnant With Twins Schedules Abortion, Changes Mind at the Last Minute

Opinion   |   Emily Derois   |   Jun 27, 2016   |   9:53AM   |   Washington, DC

Three years ago, when Rebecca Rizzi became pregnant, she initially wanted to have her baby. But when the father told her to consider other options, Rizzi ended up making an appointment to have an abortion at Planned Parenthood, Live Action News reported.

In an interview with Glenn Beck in 2014, Rizzi described her situation: “I felt I had to do it [abort]. It was a situation where I hadn’t talked to my family in a long time – same with friends.”

She was five weeks pregnant when she called Planned Parenthood. They told her they would provide her with two pills, one to stop the “pregnancy” and a second to “expel” the baby.

When she arrived at Planned Parenthood to pick up the pills, Rizzi passed pro-life activists and sidewalk counselors. She said she believed in their message, but still entered the facility. After sitting in the waiting room for an hour, she went outside and spoke with a counselor.

Sherry Pierce, a member of the pro-life ministry “Refuge in the Desert,” asked Rizzi about her story and why she thought she had to abort. Because of their conversation, Rizzi said she realized the many life-affirming options and the support available to her.


The two went to a pregnancy resource center where Rizzi decided to give birth and make an adoption plan for her child. Then she discovered she was having twins. At that point, the young mom decided that she wanted to parent her daughters. Pierce continued to support the young mother. She helped Rizzi through her pregnancy, was at the hospital to welcome the twins, and still keeps in close contact with the family.

Now the twins are 2 1/2 years old, and Rizzi told The Blaze that she is thankful for the pro-life activists who stood outside the abortion clinic that day. She describes her joy at choosing life for her daughters: “I cannot even begin to imagine my life without my girls. I wouldn’t want to. They have been such a blessing and the honest truth is … if I had an abortion I likely would have taken my own life as so many post-abortive women do.”

Rizzi said she wants to share her story to help women considering abortion. She encourages pregnant mothers to choose life-affirming options:

To any women contemplating abortion, I beg you to seek other options. There are many clinics, doctors, organizations and ministries that dedicate themselves to helping women in your situation. They want to help you. Do not let anyone force or intimidate you into making a choice that cannot be reversed. Pregnancy is temporary, the infant years fly by, the not so terrible twos don’t last. Everything is temporary. Death is permanent. Abortion is permanent.