Mom Gives Birth to Rare Identical Triplets: 1 in a Million Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 22, 2016   |   9:29AM   |   Charlotte, NC

Most parents like to brag about their children, but a North Carolina family can literally say that their daughters are one in a million.

Yahoo News reports Kimberly Fradel gave birth to rare identical triplets on May 6 near their home in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Doctors told Kimberly and her husband, Gavin, that identical triplets are a one in a million chance. The couple conceived them naturally, according to the report.

The three girls all were born within a couple minutes of each other, according to ABC News. Grace, Stella and Emily spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit before going home to be with their family.

The Fradels said their son, Gavin Jr., 2, was not so sure about his new sisters at first. When he visited them in the hospital, his father said the toddler told him, “’Daddy, take them back.’” Now that the girls are home, however, the family said Gavin Jr. has warmed up to his sisters.



“Today, Gavin kisses them on their heads, gives the bottles to my wife, and he’s such a good big brother to them,” his father said.

To tell them apart, the couple said they paint the girls’ toenails different colors: “Emily has blue, Grace has yellow and Stella has purple,” their father said.

The family said the girls go through 30 diapers and a large can of formula every day.

The Fradels view their rare triplets as a blessing, but some families do not react the same way when they are pregnant with multiples. In 2012, pro-lifers tried to reach out to a woman more than 20 weeks pregnant with twins, but she aborted her unborn twin daughters because she already had daughters and did not want any more, LifeNews reported. And in a 2011 horrific case in Australia, a hospital aborted the “wrong” twin after one of a woman’s twins was diagnosed with a potentially fatal disability.