Activists Attack Governor for Shutting Down Abortion Clinic With a Sick Song “Crotch Crucifix”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 22, 2016   |   7:08PM   |   Frankfort, KY

Kentucky’s new pro-life Gov. Matt Bevin has done a lot during his first few months in office to protect unborn babies and crack down on the abortion industry.

His administration already has filed two lawsuits against abortion clinics after state inspectors discovered that they were aborting unborn babies without a state license. In February, Bevin also signed the first pro-life law to reach a Kentucky governor’s desk in more than a decade.

Unsurprisingly, abortion activists in the state are not happy with Bevin’s leadership. They recently launched a series of vicious attacks against the pro-life governor, one being a crude collection of pro-abortion songs titled, “We Have a Bevin Problem.”

Breitbart reports:

The musicians contributed songs with titles such as “Can You Show Me on the Doll Where Mr. Bevin Touched You?” and “Crotch Crucifix” to attack Bevin for following through with his gubernatorial campaign platform.

“Musicians in Kentucky responded in song to the attacks on women’s reproductive rights, affordable health care, the LGBTQIA+ community, education and progress in general in our beloved state through song,” the organizers of the 43-track compilation say.

Other song titles on the compilation include: “So Called Christian Politician” by Tyler Gill, “Heap of His Heart” by American Lesions, “Liar” by Babe Rage, “Birthing Slavery” by Civilian, and “Lunatic, You Make Me Sick” by D.W. Boxz

The pro-abortion musicians are donating some of the proceeds from the sale of the collection to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky.

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Bevin’s actions are bringing positive changes for Kentucky babies and their families.

His administration recently won a victory in court when a judge ruled that the state could shut down a filthy abortion clinic that was masquerading as a doctor’s office. EMW Women’s Clinic in Lexington claims to be a doctor’s office, but its owner admitted to a judge that it primarily does abortions.

Bevin’s administration also is working to hold a new Planned Parenthood facility in Louisville accountable after it began performing abortions without a license.

Upon discovering the violations, Gov. Bevin called out the abortion business for “callous and knowing violations of the law.”

“This administration will have no tolerance for the type of brazen disregard that Planned Parenthood has shown for both the safety of women and the rule of law,” Bevin said. “We will hold Planned Parenthood accountable for knowingly endangering their patients by providing illegal abortions at a facility that was not properly licensed nor prepared to handle an emergency.”

In February, Bevin also signed the first pro-life law to reach the governor’s desk in more than a decade. The law amends the state’s informed consent law to require either an in-person or a real-time video consultation between a doctor and woman at least 24 hours before having an abortion, according to the Associated Press.

Legislators said the bill was needed because some abortion facilities were not conducting live consultations with women before abortion procedures; instead, they would instruct women to call in and listen to a recorded message, according to the AP. This did not give women the opportunity to ask questions or express concerns to medical staff before the abortion.

“Many have fought for a long, long time to see meaningful pro-life legislation come out of this legislature and be signed into law. This is the first of any significance in 12 years,” Bevin said when he signed the new law. “We are going to celebrate and appreciate the importance of human life and the sanctity of every human life.”