Woman Trains to Become an ‘”Abortion Doula” to “Help Women” Abort Their Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 21, 2016   |   7:00PM   |   Washington, DC

Lately, some of the most popular women’s magazines have been turning their glossy pages into free advertising for the abortion industry.

Cosmopolitan has become a mouthpiece for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, and Glamour appears to be following in its footsteps. Glamour recently interviewed a student at Rutgers University who is training to be an abortion doula in New York City.

Doulas traditionally provide women with emotional support, education and assistance when they give birth and begin caring for their newborn babies. However, abortion groups also have started doula programs to walk women through the process of aborting their unborn babies.

Rutgers student Patrice Williams, 21, is training with the pro-abortion Doula Project in New York City, according to the magazine. A type of counselor, she said abortion doulas help patients feel comfortable by talking to them and answering questions. She said she began pursuing the job because she never liked going to the doctor, and she wants to “help women” feel more comfortable.

“Doulas are really in the work of listening to people,” she said. “I think a lot of times in healthcare, people try to go so fast, to make it profitable, that patients don’t really get to talk about themselves, or to explore their own lives in relation to their healthcare.”

Most women do not want to talk about the abortion, she said. Often, when they do ask questions about the abortion, they want to know if it will hurt, she said.

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“And we answer, ‘Every body is different, so there’s no measurable way to calculate that pain level for you. The sensations you’re going to be feeling are similar to cramping, so if you cramp during your period, it could be a little bit stronger, maybe it’s a little more concentrated in a short amount of time, but that’s what you’ll feel. But it’s 100 percent something that you can make it through, and we’ll be working with you through it,’” she said.

Williams said she sometimes holds the women’s hands and talks to them while they are having the abortion. She said she tries to help them relax by reminding them to breathe and offering to turn on music.

She concluded: “And I hope that I can remind them that their lives are important, their lives are interesting. An abortion is a very complex choice to make, and no one can be labeled as anything in making that choice. I think that doulas bring that to the forefront in saying, the room is for whatever you need it to be. It’s OK to feel sad, it’s okay to feel angry, it’s okay to feel happy, it’s OK to feel relief.”

LifeNews has reported numerous articles about abortion doulas. In one case, a doula in New York City wrote about her struggles with supporting an 11-year-old girl’s abortion and another woman who planned to have an abortion if her unborn baby was a girl.

Another abortion doula claimed that women’s grief after their abortions really is “celebratory.” Abortion doula Annie Robinson claimed that “some of the connections [with women aborting] are really joyful, and funny, and loving.”

It is clear from these stories that abortion doulas do not offer women all the facts about abortion. The traditional job of a doula is to provide support to women and their babies during difficult situations, such as labor; but abortion activists have turned the role into one that supports abortion rather than the mother and child.