Woman Having Her 9th Abortion Horrified Seeing Parts of Her Aborted Child: “That’s My Baby”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 21, 2016   |   1:29PM   |   Washington, DC

There is no one magic formula that changes people’s minds about abortion. Some people’s hearts change quickly after seeing an unborn child in the womb or learning the gruesome truth about how babies are killed in abortions. Others recognize the truth after researching facts and philosophical arguments. For some who have been involved in abortions, it can be a slow, painful process of realization.

But every change of heart is surrounded by the realization that the unborn child is a valuable human being.

In her well-read book, “The Walls are Talking,” former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson shared the story of one young woman who had nine abortions before realizing what really happened to her unborn babies.

Johnson’s book contains the stories of a number of abortion industry workers who left their jobs after witnessing the horrific treatment of women and babies. Many of them have harrowing revelations about what happens behind closed doors at abortion facilities. According to the Catholic Herald:

For instance, “It was of utmost importance that a piece of cloth [should] shroud the jar containing the “products of conception” from the patient after a suction abortion.” Why? Because if the unfortunate women actually saw the results of their choice to abort their babies – the awful truth that those tiny parts had been a living human being – the whole industry would surely collapse overnight.



This was illustrated graphically in the story of “Angie”, who came to the clinic to have her ninth abortion. Always chatty, cheerful and upbeat, she asked to see what “it” looked like for the first time. Reluctantly the clinic assistant arranged the parts of the 13-week-old foetus in a small dish. All Angie’s banter instantly stopped: “That’s a baby” she whispered; “That was my baby”. She was carried out of the clinic in a state of shock and never returned.

The abortion industry hides the truth about abortion from women like “Angie,” because they want to make a sale. Several former abortion workers confirmed what Johnson herself often has said: Money drives the abortion industry.

In the book, one former worker told Johnson, “If it had not been for a kindly clinic worker, who did an ultrasound, another girl, whose baby was found to have died of natural causes in the womb, would still have been given an ‘abortion,’ simply so that she could be charged for it.”

The abortion industry doesn’t want to lose a sale, and it knows the thing that ultimately changes people’s hearts and minds is the unborn child. So, abortion clinics often deny women the opportunity to see their unborn child on an ultrasound screen. They lie when women ask if their unborn baby will feel pain. They vehemently fight against informed consent laws that ensure women have access to all the facts about abortion, its risks and alternatives before making a final decision.

They do not want women to know that an unborn baby’s heart begins beating just 18 days after conception, or that their DNA already has determined their sex, hair and eye color. They do not want women to see their unborn baby smiling or waving or sucking their thumb on an ultrasound screen. They do not want women to see the torn up pieces of their baby’s body after he or she is brutally pulled out of the womb.

These facts reveal the truth that unborn babies are valuable, living human beings who deserve the same right to life in the womb that they do outside of it.