Beautiful Photos Capture Family’s Moments With Baby Clark, Who Died After Birth

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 20, 2016   |   3:30PM   |   Washington, DC

Cameron and Genavive Edman did not have much time to spend with their son Clark Job before he died.

While he was still in the womb, doctors diagnosed Clark with acrania, a fatal disorder where the skull does not develop, Live Action News reports.

The Edmans decided to make the most of the time they had with their son and celebrate his life, no matter how short it would be. Clark was born on Sept. 15, 2015 and died during labor, surrounded by family and close friends, his mother said.

To celebrate his life, the family brought a photographer to the hospital to capture Clark’s birth and life with his family. Afterward, Genavive shared the photos on Facebook to show how her son’s “life is precious, miraculous, worthwhile and beautiful.”

She now writes a blog to help other families in similar situations. In April, she wrote a message encouraging families not to give up the short time they have with unborn babies diagnosed with a fatal illness:

If you find yourself in this state of hopelessness where there is nothing more that the doctors can do, I want you to hear some good news…

Your baby may not have long to live, but he/she is most certainly ALIVE.

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The beautiful gift we have as mothers, is this reality of the sucking, squirming, developing life inside of us. And one of my favorite experiences as a wife and mother is that moment when the father too can feel his infant child kicking his hand as he rests it on the mother’s belly. This is one of the most amazing moments … When husband and wife and child are all touching and smiling in awe of the new life that has been created … If you have been given news that your baby’s life will not be long or is nonexistent by society’s standards, don’t let his or her life be taken from you too soon.

She described how her family was blessed to have nine months with Clark, and she likes to think that they loved him so strongly that they “gave him a lifetime of love in less than a year.”

Though the experience was incredibly difficult, Genavive said she would never give it up.

“Each kick proved just how strong this little person was,” she wrote. “Every hiccup, every jab to my rib, every flutter melted my heart to his sweet, deformed body and I came to realize the sheer joy he had brought to our family. “


LifeNews Note: All images from Michelle Nagle Photography.