Woman Who Lost Baby in Ectopic Pregnancy Shocked to Hear She Was Pregnant With a Twin

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 17, 2016   |   11:39AM   |   London, England

A tragic ectopic pregnancy claimed Sadie Brittle’s baby’s life and nearly her own earlier this year, but a ray of hope appeared for the British mom in the midst of her sorrow.

The Daily Mail reports Sadie and her husband, Gary, were still dealing with the devastating loss of their unborn child when Sadie began noticing some strange things about her body. When she went back to the doctor, she discovered that she was still pregnant with her dead baby’s twin.

The family first learned that they were pregnant for the second time this spring; they have an older daughter named Summer, according to the report. In April, while Sadie was at work, she began feeling sick. She said she began to feel hot and her vision became blurry.

“I scared myself when I looked in the mirror because I’d gone white and my face was sweating,” she told the news outlet. “I felt like I was actually going to pass out.”

She said she was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered that she had an ectopic pregnancy. Her unborn baby was growing inside her fallopian tube and putting her life at risk. Doctors unfortunately could not save both her life and her unborn baby’s, so they performed surgery to remove the fallopian tube with her unborn baby inside, according to the report.

Sadie recovered after having two blood transfusions and spending five days in the hospital, the report states. Her unborn baby died.

But a few weeks ago, Sadie said she began to notice something strange – her stomach was still growing as if she was pregnant. She went to her doctor and discovered that she was indeed still pregnant with a rare heterotopic pregnancy, a multiple pregnancy where one unborn baby implants in the womb and another in a fallopian tube or somewhere else outside the womb.

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The Brittle’s surviving unborn baby is a boy who they named Teddy. He is 20 weeks along and due in November, according to the report.

“The scans show that he’s healthy, and I’ve been through it before so I’m just so excited,” his mother said.

His father, Gary, called Teddy a miracle.

“It was such mixed emotions we’d gone through dealing with the loss of the baby, and then all of the sudden to be told that we’ve got another baby in there,” Gary said.

According to the report, heerotpic pregnancies are extremely rare and affect just 1 in 30,000 women.

In extremely rare cases like the Brittles’, pro-lifers acknowledge that sometimes doctors can only save one life, the mother’s. Ectopic pregnancies typically involve unborn babies who are not viable outside the womb. When an ectopic pregnancy occurs, the developing baby often implants in an area that adversely affects a woman’s blood vessels and causes bleeding that could become life threatening to her. This is what happened with Sadie Brittle.

Some say these are the rare cases when abortions are necessary to save lives. Others argue that procedures like the one Brittle had are not really abortions at all because they do not actively or intentionally kill the unborn child. Instead, doctors remove the unborn baby with the fallopian tube with the intent of saving the most lives possible. But because unborn babies are usually not viable yet, the doctors are only able to save the mother’s life. The unborn baby’s death is an unavoidable tragedy.

As Lauren Enriquez wrote for LifeNews in 2013, “The intention in this procedure is first and foremost to save the life of the mother, and in order to do so, a physician must perform a procedure that indirectly causes the death of her unborn child.”