Abortion Drone Will Fly Dangerous Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland to Violate Its Pro-Life Laws

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 16, 2016   |   9:31AM   |   Belfast, Northern Ireland

International abortion activists are flaunting the illegal activity that they plan to carry out in Northern Ireland next week.

A coalition of pro-abortion groups sent a news release announcing that they plan to use a drone to sneak dangerous abortion pills to women in Northern Ireland, where abortion is illegal. The flight is planned for June 21.

The coalition includes the notorious Women on Waves abortion group, along with the Alliance for Choice, Rosa and Labour Alternative. They plan to hold a protest in Belfast after flying the drone. Northern Ireland prohibits abortions and recognizes unborn babies’ right to life.

“The Abortion drone will mark the different reality for Irish women to access safe abortion services compared to women in other European countries where abortion is legal,” the groups said.

Women on Waves is well-known for these types of stunts. Based in the Netherlands, the pro-abortion group advertises dangerous, mail-order abortion drugs to women across the world. It also used to run an abortion boat that would sail to countries where abortion is illegal and give women secret abortions.

The abortion drone is its newest marketing scheme to push abortion in pro-life nations. Last summer, the group flew its first abortion drone to Poland where two women killed their unborn babies using the dangerous abortion drugs that it delivered, LifeNews reported.

As abortion campaigners plan to drop abortion pills into Northern Ireland by drone in the coming days, the Pro Life Campaign has described the move as “the latest in a long line of publicity stunts from abortion activists that cheapen debate and ignore the safety of women.”

Commenting on the move by abortion lobby group Women on Waves, PLC spokesperson Sinead Slattery said:

“This stunt, organised by Women on Waves and the ROSA group, does nothing to advance debate or help women dealing with unplanned pregnancies. Instead, it has one goal which is to attract as much media attention as possible for the campaign for wide-ranging abortion. The groups involved in this latest stunt have zero respect for the right to life of the unborn child and are in deep denial about the long lasting trauma and hurt that abortion causes many women.”



Ms Slattery said:  “While the motivation behind the drone stunt is to undermine Ireland’s legal protection for the unborn child, all it does is destroy the credibility of the organisers who are showing reckless disregard for the lives of women and their unborn babies.”

According to Women on Waves, the first abortion drone departed from Germany and landed at the opposite side of the river in Slubice, Poland.

“While the drones were crossing the German/Polish border , the German Police tried to intervene but the drone pilots were able to safely land the drones at the Polish side,” the abortion advocacy group said. “Two Polish women swallowed the abortion pills that were delivered to them by the drones. The German police confiscated the drone controllers and personal iPads. They pressed criminal charges but it is totally unclear on what grounds. The German Polish already admitted that flying the drone over the border was not illegal but now want to test a violation of the Arzneimittelgesetz (medicines law) (18). However as required by that law the medicines were provided on prescription by a doctor and both Poland and Germany are part of Schengen.”

Although Women on Waves says the abortion pill is safe, evidence from the United States indicates that’s not the case.

The FDA has documented 2,207 adverse events in the U.S. of women who have had medical abortions, including 14 deaths, 612 hospitalizations, 339 cases where blood loss was so great the woman needed a transfusion, 256 infections and 58 ectopic pregnancies.  Women who died from medical abortions died from a bacterial infection like toxic shock, hemorrhaging to death, ruptured ectopic pregnancy and massive heart attack.