Video: Abortionist Tells Pro-Life Advocate He Loves Killing Babies: “I Love It! Yeah I Do”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 15, 2016   |   7:23PM   |   Washington, DC

A California pro-lifer captured his disturbing exchange with a notorious San Diego abortionist on video last week.

Abortionist Robert Santella has a bad reputation with his patients, having faced several disciplinary measures from the California Medical Board. He also has been accused of injuring several patients in botched abortions.

Recently, pro-life advocate Zephaniah Mel stood outside Santella’s Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in San Diego and was approached by Santella, California Catholic Daily reports.

The 72-year-old abortionist’s demeanor and remarks are extremely disturbing. At one point, Santella told Mel that he “loves” aborting babies.

Here is part of the exchange that Mel captured on video:

Mel: “You gotta repent sir, for murdering babies.”

Santella: “Why?” (Santella strides up to within inches of Mel, coffee cup in hand)

Mel: “Because it’s a sin before God.”

Santella: “Why?… Stinky breath.” (Santella breathes into Mel’s face)

Mel: “Pretty evil of you, sir.”

Santella: “Yeah.” (Santella opens mouth wide and breathes into Mel’s face)

Mel: “I hope and pray, sir…”

(Santella growls)

Mel: “Wow, that’s what you do to babies, huh?”

Santella: “Yeah. I love it.”

Later in the conversation, Santella says he has a “darkened heart” and he will never “go to Christ” to repent for his deadly work. The exchange continued:

Mel: “All the babies that you kill…”

Santella: “I love it, I love it.”

Mel: “Yeah, keep tearing the babies apart.”

Santella: “Yeah, I will.”

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Mel posted a video clip of the exchange on his Facebook page on June 12.

Santella allegedly botched at least two women’s abortions in 2015 alone, LifeNews reported. Pro-lifers who witnessed one of the incidents said one woman’s mother called 911 for her daughter after Santella and his staff refused to.

Santella also has a bad reputation with the California Medical Board and has faced disciplinary measures on several occasions, according to the Catholic news group. The medical board also is reviewing a new case alleging that Santella neglected his treatment of five patients, according to the report.

Here is more from the report:

The Medical Board’s filing, Accusation and Petition to Revoke License, through the state attorney general’s office holds Santella accountable for maltreatment of five patients. He is accused of gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, prescribing without a prior appropriate examination, unprofessional conduct, and failure to keep adequate and accurate medical records on patients.

The Medical Board asks the court to revoke or suspend Santella’s license and also informs the court of two prior discipline actions that resulted in years of probation. (See filing at California Medical Board website, “license search”.)