She Was on the Table Ready to Abort Her Baby When Something Heartbreaking Changed Her Mind

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 14, 2016   |   9:58AM   |   London, England

A British singer and reality TV star recently revealed how she almost had an abortion when she was 17 years old.

Stacey Solomon, made famous on The X Factor, was a guest on the British show Loose Women recently. According to the Mirror, Solomon changed her mind and chose life for her son during her abortion appointment at the hospital. Her son Zachary is now 8 years old, the report states.

“I was 17 when I got pregnant with Zachary and I think it’s because all of the stigmas around how old you should be when you have a child,” Solomon said. “The first thing I thought was I have to make a decision and not have a baby right now because I am 17 and I’m too young, and I can’t do it.”

On the day she went to the hospital to have an abortion, Solomon said her mother went with her. She said her family supported what ever decision she made, but ultimately it was her mother’s response that changed her mind.

She said: “… I remember laying there. They turned the monitor away from you so you can’t see what’s there. I remember seeing my mum’s face, and although she had no facial expression, she just filled up with tears. I could see all the emotion in her and at that moment I knew that I just couldn’t go through with it.”

During the interview, she also spoke up about societal prejudices against mothers of certain ages.

“I do not agree with this mentality of women shouldn’t be 40 when they have their children, girls shouldn’t be 16 when they have their children,” Solomon said. “I’m so sick of people telling when it’s best and not best to have your children.”

Her story echoes a familiar narrative from the abortion industry. Abortion advocates often sell abortion to vulnerable women by implying that women can’t be or do certain things if they have a baby. They play into women’s fears about being too young or unready to parent, their fears about money or education/career dreams.

Studies show that support and stability often are key factors in women’s decisions to abort their unborn babies. One study found that finances, raising a child alone and the major life change of having a child were the top three reasons women had abortions.

When women realize that there are people willing to support them and their baby, just as Solomon did, many do choose life for their babies. More than 2,000 pro-life pregnancy resource centers across the U.S. are ready and willing to help women and their babies find the support they need. As a result, abortion rates are dropping, and more women are choosing life for their unborn babies.