Abortion Activist Blames Orlando Shootings on Pro-Lifers for “Inciting Hatred and Violence”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 14, 2016   |   3:58PM   |   Orlando, FL

Barely a day after 50 people lost their lives in a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, abortion advocates jumped on the chance to exploit the tragedy.

Islamic terrorists are believed to be responsible the horrific act of violence at the gay night club early Sunday. According to The New York Times, the lone gunman, allegedly Omar Mateen, called police during the rampage and claimed allegiance to the Islamic State. Mateen allegedly killed 50 people and injured 53 more in the incident described as the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

However, Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion celebrities, journalists and others have been using the atrocity to push their own agenda.

Jodi Jacobson, an editor for the pro-abortion blog Rewire (formerly RH Reality Check), published a vicious column Sunday, not even 24 hours after the shooting took place, accusing pro-lifers of “inciting hatred and violence.”

Jacobson began by echoing common sentiments after such massive acts of violence: “This is not who we are.” She went on to argue that the sentiment is wrong: America has become a horrible place that encourages violence and terrorism. And it’s all the fault of conservatives and Christians.

Jacobson wrote:

But these statements are at best aspirational for a country in which the leaders of at least one major political party regularly exploit intolerance, fear, and “morality” to win campaigns, and in which the leaders of the other too often hide behind platitudes and half-measures intended to placate specific constituencies, but not fundamentally challenge those realities. They are at best aspirational for a country in which the beliefs of Islamic fundamentalists are condemned, but the same views when espoused by conservative Christian fundamentalists are given legal and social approval by both parties, because … religion. They are at best aspirational for a country in which women’s rights to their own bodies are a subject of ongoing debate, medical professionals are villainized and murdered, and rape and sexual assault are often blamed on the victim.

She continued:

What, exactly, is the difference between the hatred spewed by radical Islamists and that by conservative Christian fundamentalists in the United States? How can any less responsibility be laid at the feet of the U.S. politicians and their supporters for violence and terror when they espouse the same forms of hatred and marginalization as those they blame for that terror?

Jacobson brought up the names of people who have attacked abortion clinics or abortionists, claiming that they represent the pro-life movement. They do not. Pro-lifers condemn these acts of violence just as we do the violent act of abortion, but that does not matter to Jacobson.

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Calvin Freiburger responded to Jacobson at Live Action News, calling out several false comparisons she made between pro-lifers and terrorists.

“Turns out it’s your fault for telling people, er, that killing babies is wrong,” Freiburger wrote. “It’s even your fault when the attack has absolutely nothing to do with abortion. Not since Hillary Clinton said pro-life candidates reminded her of terrorists have we seen a more outlandish attempt to slander the pro-life movement.”

He continued: “The wild caricaturing of peaceful views one disagrees with, refusal to see an ocean of difference between them and the nightmarish examples of literal fundamentalist hatred right before one’s eyes, the galling hypocrisy of blaming everyone else for violence despite belonging to the only major American political movement expressly championing violence against any innocent human beings…it’s all there, every bit as dishonest and indefensible.”

Jacobson’s column may have been the most vile of all, but she was not the only abortion activist who exploited the tragedy. Planned Parenthood sent out a series of tweets accusing “toxic masculinity” for the shootings. Several Hollywood celebrities and pro-abortion journalists also used the tragic shooting to promote abortion.