Columnist to Woman Whose Boyfriend Pressured Her to Abort: “Cant Blame Him for Making You”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 10, 2016   |   9:34AM   |   London, England

The Mirror ran an insensitive advice column this week in response to a grieving young woman whose boyfriend pressured her to have an abortion.

In the UK advice column, columnist Coleen Nolan (pictured) tells the young woman that she did the right thing by aborting her child. Rather than encourage the young woman to get counseling, she advises the young woman to stop blaming her boyfriend and just “move on.”

In her letter, the young woman says she got pregnant last year just a few months after she began dating her boyfriend. The young woman says she was 24 at the time and she initially thought it might be “too soon” for them to have a baby.

She wrote:

However, I started to come round to the idea whereas he was adamant he didn’t want to keep it and kept trying to talk me into having an abortion.

Eventually I agreed and did so.

We tried to move on but just lately I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I feel very angry and resentful about things.

One of my best friends has just announced her pregnancy and it’s stirred up a lot of feelings in me that I didn’t realise were there.

The young woman writes that she is angry and depressed, and her boyfriend refuses to acknowledge how much she is hurting.

Nolan’s reply is troubling. While she acknowledges the young woman’s feelings, she basically takes her boyfriend’s side and argues that aborting their baby was the right thing.

Nolan writes:

And you know what, at the time it sounds like you probably did make the right decision. You were both very young and barely knew each other.

Would you have stayed together with the pressure of a young baby, and how would you feel now, if you were a single mum?

… You can’t really blame him for making you have the procedure.

It sounds as if you made the decision yourself and now you’re regretting it, so you’re beginning to blame him for making you do it.

Nolan’s reply invalidates the hurting young woman’s feelings in a way that fits with a pro-abortion agenda. Abortion advocates would have women believe that an abortion is just a routine medical procedure – and it’s nothing to grieve or feel badly about.



However, many women walk out of abortion clinics realizing that they have been lied to. After aborting their unborn babies, many women experience intense grief and regret. Numerous studies have linked abortion to increased risks of depression, drug use and suicide.

A growing number of post-abortion healing programs are offering compassionate, confidential support to grieving women and helping them learn to forgive themselves and heal from the death of their unborn child.

Nolan should have encouraged her young reader to seek counseling. Instead, she leaves her with these cold words: “But you need to accept what’s happened and move on.”

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