Amazing Technology Lets Unborn Children Play Their First-Ever Soccer Game

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 7, 2016   |   3:47PM   |   Washington, DC

A cool new marketing campaign is prompting people to think about the athletic potential of unborn babies.

The campaign comes from Venezuela where soccer training starts at a very early age. The Estudiantes De Caracas, a professional soccer team in the South American country, recently launched a video campaign to recruit young athletes for its soccer academy, LiveAction News reports.

While the athletes it featured in the video were already kicking, they won’t be able to play sports for some time. They have not been born yet.

Here’s more from Live Action:

In the marketing video called “Little Kicks” 10 mothers, each 28 weeks pregnant, come together for their child’s first soccer game. Motion sensors are placed on their bellies and each baby’s kicks were played out on a monitor in a soccer match.

The dads were on hand to watch the game and the parents celebrated the kicks and goals with cheers and excitement. They also showed disappointment when the other team scored. Estudiantes De Caracas calls it “the first football match played by kids who haven’t been born, yet.” And you can tell by the expressions on the parents’ faces that they are just as excited by this game as any game played by a child already born.

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Unborn babies at 28 weeks are active enough that their moms can feel them move and kick, but their lives were totally unique and irreplaceable long before that. At the moment of conception, every baby has his or her own unique DNA that determines whether they are male or female, tall or short, have blue eyes or brown.

Life-affirming ads like this one and one by Doritos earlier this year fly in the face of the pro-abortion notion that unborn babies are sub-human and replaceable. Any campaign that recognizes the potential and worth of unborn babies is a step in the right direction.