Pro-Life Event in Dublin on Saturday Will Celebrate the 8th Amendment

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Jun 3, 2016   |   3:27PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Speakers from the US, England and all over Ireland will take part in a Pro Life Campaign event this Saturday, 4th June in Dublin, Ireland.

The event, called “Celebrate the 8th will give a new perspective on the abortion debate in Ireland by focussing on the countless lives saved as a result of the 8th Amendment being in the Irish Constitution.   The 8th Amendment is the constitutional provision that guarantees the equal right to life of unborn babies and women. It was inserted into the Constitution in 1983 after a majority vote of the Irish public.

LifeNews readers will be familiar with the keynote speaker at the event – Melissa Ohden, who survived a botched abortion in Sioux City, Iowa and was left for dead until rescued by a hospital nurse who heard her crying in a corner of the hospital. Today, Melissa has a master’s degree in social science and works as a care worker. Melissa’s story highlights one of the most inhumane aspects of abortion in other countries – the complete lack of care that is shown to babies who survive abortion. Her story is also a stark reminder of what abortion involves – ending the life of an innocent defenceless baby who is so much more than what abortion advocates describe as ‘just a clump of cells

Heidi Crowter has travelled from England.  She will speak about how it feels to be a woman with Down’s Syndrome, watching countries use abortion to screen out unborn babies with the condition. Other speakers who will address the gathering include families from Ireland who say the 8th Amendment had a direct and positive impact on their family.

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Heidi’s experience as a person with Down syndrome also highlights exactly how unjust abortion is. In her home country of England, abortion is legal up to birth for any disability, including Down’s syndrome.  But her beautiful story reminds us why everyone should have the right to be born and live their life to their full potential.

The organisers say that the event is going to give the public an opportunity to listen to stories that they never get a chance to hear. Far too often, the many stories about people born alive after botched abortions and parents pressured to abort their child are reduced to footnotes in the debate and this is simply unacceptable. They ought to be at the front and centre of the debate where the public has a chance to evaluate what really happens in abortion, not just the version that those pushing it would like to present.

The Celebrate the 8th event will be the first time many people get to hear some of these stories which are so often ignored or hidden by groups trying to have the 8th Amendment removed from the Irish Constitution.  Huge crowds are expected to listen to these stories and get a real understanding of the human side of the 8th Amendment.

LifeNews readers who would like to view the event online can do so by clicking into the livefeed at this link: