Planned Parenthood Wants to Abort More Babies With Down Syndrome, But Indiana Says No

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 3, 2016   |   3:52PM   |   Indianapolis, IN

Indiana lawmakers are not giving up efforts to protect unborn babies from discriminatory abortions, despite on-going attacks from abortion activists.

This week, state attorneys urged a federal judge to reject Planned Parenthood’s attempts to block a new law that bans abortions based on genetic disorders like Down syndrome, sex and race, according to the Associated Press. The law, signed by Gov. Mike Pence in March, also requires that aborted babies’ bodies be cremated or buried and that abortionists who have hospital admitting privileges renew them annually.

According to the report:

Indiana’s attorney general says in a brief filed Wednesday that the court should deny Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky’s request for a preliminary injunction preventing the law from taking effect July 1.

The state’s brief argues that the law’s provisions are both constitutional and “a legitimate means of ensuring human remains are treated with dignity and respect.” …

A federal judge will hold a hearing June 14 to consider the injunction request.

The abortion business failed to convince the general public to oppose the regulations, so now it hopes to convince a court. Planned Parenthood filed the lawsuit in April, LifeNews reported. In the lawsuit, the Indiana and Kentucky abortion affiliate claims the restrictions are unconstitutional because they infringe on a woman’s “right” to an abortion, according to the Indy Star. The ACLU also is involved with the lawsuit.

Mike Fichter, president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life, told LifeNews previously that the lawsuit shows how extreme abortion activists are.

“The Dignity for the Unborn law protects the most vulnerable among – the unborn targeted for abortion because of their gender, race or a potential disability,” Fichter said. “It calls for respectful disposal of aborted human remains. Hoosiers believe all lives have value and Planned Parenthood’s opposition to this law just shows how extreme on abortion they truly are.”

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“This is the same song and dance we have seen from the abortion provider anytime they feel their lucrative abortion business is threatened,” Fichter continued. “They look to the courts and activist judges to rule in their favor. Planned Parenthood boasts $2 million a year in abortion revenue in Indiana alone. They oppose any common sense law that protects women and children because they want to protect their bottom line.”

While the bill was being debated in the legislature, state Sen. Liz Brown said many families face pressure to abort from doctors or other health care professionals when their babies are diagnosed with an illness or disability in the womb. LifeNews has documented numerous cases of families saying the same thing.

“What we hear from doctors is — it would really be better off if you were not born,” Brown said. “If you are born, we will love you, and we think you have equal rights and should be a member of society. In fact, we have the Americans with Disabilities Act and have to make accommodations. But we don’t want to make the accommodation before you’re born, and in fact, it would really be easier if you were not born.”

In 2013, North Dakota became the first state to pass a similar bill to protect unborn babies from abortions because of disabilities. A handful of states also ban abortions based on the baby’s sex.