Planned Parenthood Releases New Movie That Portrays Pro-Life People in a Despicable Way

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 31, 2016   |   9:27AM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood is employing a creative new way to vilify pro-lifers: virtual reality.

The abortion business recently funded a virtual reality short-film called “Across the Line” that is supposed to give people a first-hand experience of what it’s like to face pro-lifers outside of abortion clinics. What it really does is paint pro-lifers as uncaring, nasty and violent, and frighten vulnerable pregnant women away from exploring life-affirming options for their babies and themselves.

Pro-abortion writer Carolyn Cox recently reviewed the film for The Mary Sue:

… I learned, as first-hand as possible without actually living the harassment myself, what it’s like to be called a “whore,” a “wicked, pathetic woman,” and a “Jezebel feminist” for seeking healthcare.

Across the Line is a seven-minute virtual reality film starring real Planned Parenthood patients and healthcare providers. The movie uses actual footage and audio recordings of protests to put viewers in the shoes of a patient—Kristina Nailen, who received an abortion from Planned Parenthood in the past and plays herself in the film—as she arrives at an Illinois Planned Parenthood for an abortion.

Across the Line is more of an improvised reenactment than a scripted film. It opens with Kristina and her co-star, Planned Parenthood Chief Medical Officer Raegan McDonald-Mosley, reenacting the experiences they’ve had as patients and providers coping with anti-abortion extremists. Kristina admits in the examining room that she was unsettled by the demonstrators; Dr. McDonald-Mosley tells her patient “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

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… The final scene is the most immersive and disturbing. Using audio recorded by co-creator Brad Lichtenstein, Across the Line puts the audience in the middle of a crowd of CGI protesters. As we attempt to walk from our car to the health center’s entrance,  the group shouts at us that we’re whores who will burn in hell.

Most pro-lifers who stand outside of abortion clinics approach women in a compassionate, caring manner. The movement generally frowns upon the rare pro-life protesters who yell at women and call them names, arguing that the approach does not save lives or treat human beings with dignity.

But Planned Parenthood does not even like pro-lifers’ kind words and caring attitudes. Cox wrote that the film showed a pro-life counselor approach a woman and encourage her to make “a more dignified choice for you as a woman and a mother.” Even this compassionate approach is “bullying” women, according to the abortion giant. Nor does Planned Parenthood want pro-lifers to mention the word “baby” or display a photo of a smiling child, these things could manipulate and shame women into choosing to keep their child.

Interestingly, the abortion giant admits that pro-lifers are not really violent, but it still manages to twist words around and argue that they are. Cox wrote:

The anti-abortion extremists recorded in Across the Line are never physically violent. But Planned Parenthood’s Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens says in an early trailer released for Across the Line, “I don’t think you can divorce violent things that happen from the violent, hateful rhetoric that is its fuel.”

Ironically, Planned Parenthood said it “hopes to use the virtual reality to create compassion.” The filmmakers said they want to show it to legislators, and abortion doctor Raegan McDonald-Mosley told Cox that the virtual experience could help people understand what women go through to get abortions.

“I think what bothers me about it is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of focus on the women and her situation,” McDonald-Mosley said. “I just wish people would take a step back and put themselves in their shoes. I think that’s what heartening about this movie, it puts someone who’s never been in that context, maybe they live in a state where there aren’t a lot of protesters or they’ve never gone to a health center before, they can experience it.”

Planned Parenthood wants Americans to think of abortion as nothing more than health care. That way it can make pro-lifers seem unreasonable and radical for trying to keep women from “accessing health care.”

The problem is, abortion is not health care. An abortion kills an innocent human life, but Planned Parenthood will never admit that. And that is why thousands of pro-lifers stand outside abortion clinics every day all across the U.S. Unborn babies lives are at stake, and they deserve the same compassion and care that their mothers do.