Two-Year-Old Cries When She Sees Her Sister’s Ultrasound Photo: “I Love Her So Much”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 27, 2016   |   4:26PM   |   Washington, DC

An adorable new video of a little girl watching her unborn sister move on an ultrasound screen is going viral this week.

The Daily Mail reports 2-year-old Myla accompanied her mother, Carly Tansley, to her 16-week ultrasound appointment last week; but the British mom did not expect that her toddler would react so strongly to seeing her unborn sister.

As Carly was filming her unborn baby’s movements with her phone, she said Myla walked up and hugged the ultrasound screen. Then Myla began crying. On the video, Myla can be heard mumbling through her tears about “missing” her sister.

“Oh, darling, it’s ok. You’re going to see her soon,” her mother said.

“But I love her so much,” the little girl replied.

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Tansley posted the heartwarming moment Wednesday on Facebook, and the video quickly garnered a lot of attention, according to the report. Her Facebook page showed more than 106,000 views on Friday.

The girls’ father, Chris l’Anson, said Myla’s reaction “pulls at your heart strings a little bit.”

Her mother added: “I will definitely show her the video when they’re fighting and pulling each other’s hair. I really wasn’t expecting it. It made me well-up, but I was laughing too because it really affected her.”

Tansley said Myla already is planning to give her sister some of her toys, and she can’t wait to meet her. Her baby sister is due Nov. 4, according to the report.

The video is especially touching because 2-year-old Myla recognizes how valuable her little sister is even though she is still in the womb. The toddler sees her unborn sister through eyes not yet filtered by the biases and politics of the world. Her emotional reaction is pure, simple and beautiful; and it serves as an example of how society should welcome every unborn child.