Pro-Abortion Play “Remarkably Normal” Tries to Make Aborting Babies Look Perfectly Fine

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 27, 2016   |   4:37PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists’ attempts to normalize abortion just keep on coming. One of their latest tactics is a play called “Remarkably Normal,” which is running in several states this summer.

The play is a project of the 1 in 3 Campaign, which encourages women to share how aborting their unborn babies helped them succeed in life. The campaign attempts to normalize abortion by claiming that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime, a statistic that pro-lifers say is not accurate. It also ignores the devastation that many women experience after aborting their unborn babies.

The play’s pro-abortion agenda is summed up with one character’s closing line: “There’s no good abortions or bad abortions. There’s just abortions, and people need them.”

The Texas Observer recently published a review of the play:

Remarkably Normal features five actors who perform the true stories of 11 people — from patients and partners navigating their way from a positive pregnancy test to abortion, to providers who lament barriers to the procedure put in place by anti-abortion lawmakers. Rather than interacting with each other, the actors perform monologues as if they’re being interviewed by someone else, a decision that director Marie Sproul said was meant to evoke the honesty, diversity and truth of the real people behind the actors.

… Remarkably Normal walks its audience through moments that are radical in their ordinariness — the positive pregnancy test, the decision to have an abortion, the decision to hide or share it.  We hear the bewilderment in patients’ voices as they’re forced to undergo state-mandated counseling and ultrasounds. We hear anguish as some describe discomfort during their procedure, while others are pleasantly surprised at their quick, painless experience.

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And the audience is there for the aftermath, too, as the characters express relief, happiness, and, for some, sadness.

The 1 in 3 Campaign deceptively claims the play gives an honest look at women’s abortion experiences by “mov[ing] past the noise of the current political climate,” but the campaign clearly promotes abortion. It ignores the fact that an abortion kills an unborn child and snuffs out their ability to ever experience life outside the womb.

It also ignores how, for many women, their abortions were the opposite of a normal experience. Through the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, thousands of women have publicly shared their painful abortion experiences to encourage other women to make better decisions for their unborn babies.

One anonymous woman recently shared how she still struggles more than 10 years after aborting her unborn child. She said she turned to drugs, drinking and thoughts of suicide after her abortion.

She wrote:

I’m angry about the lies that were told to me

I was getting a divorce and had two children. I was led to believe by the abortion chamber that if I did not abort the child I was carrying I would lose the two I already had. The father of this child was not the man I was divorcing. I did not care. A friend who had an abortion said it was no BIG DEAL! She has been in a mental institution since a number of times!

… I tried to kill myself. I couldn’t even look at a newborn for years. I still have trouble with it today (10 years later). I cry for my child. I love her and want her. I’m angry about the lies that were told to me. I’m angry with the government that continues to promote and protect these lies.

… There is an empty place at our table – a bed not slept in, someone missing on holidays. My son encouraged me to talk to teens about abortion and I have done that. However, it is easier to believe a lie than the truth and I wonder if it even helps anyone.

Pro-abortion projects like the 1 in 3 Campaign try to silence these types of stories because they do not fit in with their agenda. Women’s experiences only matter to these campaigns if they support abortion.

It’s a devastating deception, one that hurts women by hiding the truth and one that promotes the killing of innocent babies in the womb. The abortion industry’s lies have damaged millions of women and destroyed millions more of their unborn babies’ lives. And there is nothing normal about that.