Are America’s Abortion Laws More Radical Than Europe’s? New Video Has the Answer

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 24, 2016   |   9:55AM   |   Washington, DC

A thought-provoking new video exposes just how radical America’s abortion laws are in comparison to most of the world.

Europe is often held up as an example of progressivism among American liberals, including abortion activists; however, the new video “Who is more pro-choice: Europe or America?” from PragerU points out how abortion is much more heavily restricted in European countries.

The four-minute video takes an unbiased approach to the abortion issue, simply comparing abortion laws in various states and nations. Texas, for example, has been under continuous attack by abortion activists for passing a series of laws restricting abortion, but the new state laws are not radical at all when compared to most of Europe.

“In Germany, for example, nearly all abortions are illegal after 12 weeks,” according to the video. “And there is a three-day waiting period and mandatory counseling before a woman is allowed to have an abortion, even during the permitted first 12 weeks. That’s more restrictive than Texas.”

“… in Belgium, like Germany, abortions are permissible only until the 12th week. After that an abortion is permitted only if the woman’s life is in danger. Furthermore, any woman getting an abortion must wait six days after her first medical consultation before an abortion can be performed.”



In the Netherlands, women have to wait six days, according to the video. Yet here in the U.S. abortion activists are up in arms about states like Louisiana, which recently passed a three-day waiting period between a counseling session and an abortion.

In most European countries, abortion is illegal or heavily restricted after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy; but in the U.S., abortions are legal in every state up to 20 weeks, the video explains. In seven states plus Washington D.C., abortion is legal for any reason up until birth – a radical position that only a few other countries, including China and North Korea, take.

As pro-lifers, we know that every human life is valuable from conception to natural death, making abortions at any stage of pregnancy abhorrent. Even early-term abortions destroy innocent human lives. But the video exposes a truth that most Americans, even those who call themselves pro-choice, find troubling. In the U.S., late-term abortions are legal for any reason up until birth in many parts of the country, and abortion activists are fighting to keep it that way.