Black Abortionist Thinks the Real Reason Pro-Lifers Oppose What He Does is They’re Racist

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 19, 2016   |   12:27PM   |   Washington, DC

Southern abortionist Willie Parker has become a media darling on pro-abortion news sites in the past few years.

He frequently talks about how his faith led him to become an abortionist and once even called his abortion practice a “ministry.” In his latest interview with Huffington Post writer Laura Bassett, Parker talked about racism and abortion. A black abortionist who works in Mississippi and Alabama, Parker said people in the South often assume that white men are the doctors and that he is going into the abortion clinic to accompany a pregnant wife or girlfriend.

Bassett wrote:

The regular protesters at the clinics where he works hurl racial epithets at him, like “filthy Negro abortionist,” or accuse him of being a “race traitor” for performing abortions on black women. Anti-abortion activists often usurp the rallying cry “Black Lives Matter” — a backlash against police violence on black men and women — and apply it to abortion, because women of color have disproportionately high abortion rates due to their poverty levels and poor access to sex education and contraception.

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And when rogue abortion provider Kermit Gosnell was convicted in 2011 on eight counts of murder in Pennsylvania for providing illegal, dangerous late-term abortions, Parker’s friends began to worry about his safety. (LifeNews note: This report is incorrect. Gosnell was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder for newborn babies who were born alive after botched abortions. However, he was only convicted of three murder counts.)

“Like many of my African-American friends, when there’s something horrific on the news, you say, ‘Oh, I hope that person’s not black.’ So when Dr. Gosnell was discovered, and it was made public that he was African-American, some of my friends called and said, ‘Why did he have to be black?’” Parker said. “And my response was, ‘Because crazy don’t know color.’ What Gosnell did wasn’t related to his race; it was related to his greed and mental instability.”

He went on to accuse pro-lifers of being sexist, racist and violent because they try to save babies from abortion.

Abortions among black women are disproportionately high in the U.S. and have been for many years. New research from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute indicates that this has not changed in the past six years.

For many years, pro-lifers have been pointing out various ways the abortion industry targets racial minorities. One study found that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are within walking distance of black and Hispanic neighborhoods. And Planned Parenthood itself was founded by Margaret Sanger, who many argue was a racist and eugenicist who wanted to rid the world of “defective” and “feeble-minded” minorities.

Despite the disproportionately high rate of abortions among black women, Parker said previously that it is not racist to kill black babies in abortions – quite the opposite. Writing at LifeNews in 2015, Carole Novielli said Parker admitted that the pro-life movement has been “very effective” at educating the public about the black genocide of abortion. Parker, however, attempted to disprove that the abortion industry is targeting the black population during a speech at Princeton University.

Novielli wrote:

Parker then calls the Black Genocide argument “noise” and “misleading” and “racial insulting.”

Then, Parker shockingly states that not providing abortion to Black women is the real racism:

“I usually reserve terms like brilliant for a positive thing but it is a dastardly jedi-mond trick,” he said.

“Because it exploits the notion that we, as a society are very uncomfortable with notions of race. And so, you take people who are well-meaning and want to help people who have the greatest need, in this case, disproportionate women of color. And,so the majority of the healthcare system is still White people, mostly white men, although that’s changing with the number if women. So, it really becomes racist NOT to provide this care.” abortionist Willie Parker said.

In her new interview with Parker, Bassett attributed the high rate of abortions among blacks to poverty and lack of sex education and contraception. If these are the real issues, why isn’t Parker working to fix them instead of killing innocent unborn babies?