Planned Parenthood CEO: More Women Able to Graduate From College Thanks to Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 16, 2016   |   3:51PM   |   Washington, DC

Cecile Richards is no stranger to strange comments that provide a potentially unintended insight into her pro-abortion mindset and the abortion advocacy at the Planned Parenthood abortion corporations he heads. In an opinion column in the liberal women’s magazine Elle, the abortion giant’s CEO admitted abortion is “essential to our country’s success.”

As with any comments or opinions Richards and Planned Parenthood express, the word abortion is not actually used — with Richards opting for the PR-optimized “women’s rights” and “reproductive health” in which to couch the abortion agenda.

Richards thinks more women are graduating from college because they were able to abort their babies and says being able to abort babies is responsible for the nation’s economic success:

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Not long ago, on a campus in Iowa, I met a young woman who proudly told me she was about to become the first person in her family to graduate from college. It was thanks to two things, she said: scholarships and birth control.

For her, and for millions of women in America, reproductive health isn’t a theoretical issue, a social issue, or a distraction—it’s a fundamental issue of economic security and opportunity. As Hillary Clinton declared after eight Democratic debates without a single question on the topic: “It goes to the heart of who we are as women: our rights, our autonomy, our ability to make our own decisions.”

It’s time to move this issue from the sidelines to the center of the conversation—because women’s reproductive rights are essential to our country’s economic success. And they are absolutely on the line in this election.

When the first Planned Parenthood health center opened nearly a century ago, it was illegal to give out or seek out information on how to prevent pregnancy. But in the decades since, effective birth control and access to safe, legal abortions have improved health outcomes and opened new doors for women. Today, the number of women who finish four or more years of college is five times what it was before birth control became legal. One study even found that the Pill is responsible for a third of women’s wage gains since the 1960s.

For Richards, not being able to abort babies is “holding back America:”

When you work to limit access to contraception and sex education, wipe out access to abortion, and refuse to support paid leave or affordable childcare, you’re not just holding back women. You’re holding back America.

Thanks Cecile, apparently women never graduated from college and America was never successful before your friends legalized abortion. Perhaps you should talk to the millions of women who somehow where able to graduate from college without taking the life of their unborn children.