Obama Administration Forces Doctors and Hospitals Getting Federal Funds to Do Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 16, 2016   |   5:13PM   |   Washington, DC

The Obama Administration looks like it’s on a mission to trample religious and conscience protections and force as many people as it can to promote and pay for abortions.

Breitbart reports the pro-abortion administration issued a new nondiscrimination policy in the name of “equity” on Friday that pressures doctors and hospitals to promote and perform abortions. Those that don’t would not be eligible for federal funds including Medicare and Medicaid, according to the report.

The “Final Rule” on Obamacare Section 1557 came from the Department of Health and Human Services on Friday, and it largely had to do with discrimination and “gender identity.” While the rule summary does not mention abortion specifically, it explains that the rule “requires that women be treated equally with men in the health care they receive and also prohibits the denial of health care or health coverage based on an individual’s sex, including discrimination based on pregnancy, gender identity and sex stereotyping.”

David Christensen, vice president of government affairs for the Family Research Council, told Breitbart that the new rule mandates that federally funded health care providers offer abortion, among other services.

“Despite concerns raised by FRC and others that the proposed rule also included abortion, the administration chose instead not to exclude it,” Christensen said. “This action erodes Americans’ freedom to believe and act in accordance with their beliefs, not only as it relates to the privacy of the bathrooms but also now when it comes to the taking of innocent human life.”

The rule also does not include any new religious exemptions. According to the rule summary, “the final rule on Section 1557 does not include a religious exemption; however, the final rule does not displace existing protections for religious freedom and conscience.”

Given President Barack Obama’s past record, the oppressive new rule comes as little surprise. His administration is trying to force a group of nuns to violate their consciences and pay for drugs that may cause abortions. Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that the lower courts must find a way to accommodate the nuns so that their conscience rights would not be violated.

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The Obama administration also has been ignoring a federal law and allowing California to force churches to pay for abortions, LifeNews reported. Despite continued pleas from churches and pro-lifers for more than a year, the administration has done nothing other than promise to look into the matter.

In addition, Obama’s administration has vocally defended the abortion giant Planned Parenthood in the wake of undercover videos showing it selling aborted babies’ body parts, and threatened states that defunded it.

Obama himself is in close allegiance with the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which does more abortions than any other group in the U.S. The CEO of the abortion business Cecile Richards had visited the White House dozens of times during Obama’s presidency. Most recently, she was spotted at the White House in March, LifeNews reported.