Writer Claims Women Abort Their Babies Because They “Respect Children and Motherhood”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 13, 2016   |   10:13AM   |   Washington, DC

In a column that claimed to be dispelling abortion stereotypes, writer Maureen Shaw (pictured) certainly did a lot of stereotyping herself.

A pro-abortion writer and activist, Shaw’s new column on the pro-abortion blog Rewire relentlessly blamed Republican pro-lifers for stereotyping women who have abortions, claiming that they fail to recognize the complex reasons why women choose to abort their unborn babies.

“To hear right-wingers tell it, the person who gets an abortion is usually a thoughtless teenager or a young woman who uses abortion as birth control,” she wrote. “In their narrative, these individuals are lining up around the block to carelessly do away with unwanted pregnancies instead of facing responsibility for not keeping their legs closed.”

Shaw, who has two children, argued that women who have abortions are being responsible and thoughtful because they do not take parenthood lightly.

“The truth is, women and girls have abortions precisely because they respect children and motherhood, not because they are flippant or have no regard for family,” Shaw wrote.

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Her column continued:

I’ve brought two lives into this world. Knowing now what it entails to be a mom—from pregnancy, labor, and delivery to meeting the endless demands of other human beings—I believe even more fiercely in abortion on demand and without apology. (And yes, you can be pro-choice and a parent; just read Pregnant, Parenting, and Pro-Choice for a smattering of stories). Everyone deserves to enter parenthood willingly, and every child deserves a parent who is willing to bear the responsibilities of this lifelong commitment. Children should be wanted and cherished, not forced into this world as punishment for their parents engaging in sex.

Since becoming a parent, I am beyond grateful I was able to plan the number and spacing of my children; if I hadn’t been able to, I question whether I would be as loving and patient of a mother.

Shaw’s overconfidence in her own knowledge and experiences is dangerous. Some women do have abortions for extremely selfish, callous reasons; but for many others, responsible parenting is not the reason for their abortion.

First, and most importantly, Shaw failed to recognize that women who have abortions already are parents, parents of unborn babies. Abortion facilities and pro-abortion supporters lie to women, claiming that their baby isn’t a baby yet, so it’s ok to kill it. Shaw herself believes it, but biology shows that she is wrong. Unborn babies are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception, and dozens of medical and science textbooks confirm that.

Shaw also failed to recognize that for many women, abortion is not their choice. Studies have shown approximately half of women who had abortions said they felt pressured or coerced into it, maybe by a partner or parent or abuser. Other common reasons include poverty, education/career plans and lack of support from a partner.

Pro-lifers recognize that the reasons why women have abortions are complex. They don’t fit into a neat little box. And that is why the pro-life movement has developed numerous strategies to help women and save their unborn babies from abortion. Laws help protect women from coersion and abuse, and require them to receive information about their unborn child before making a decision. Pregnancy resource centers offer women resources and encouragement, knowing that poverty often drives women to consider desperate measures.

Shaw said she may not have been as good of a mother if she hadn’t had the option to abort her children. It’s a sad reflection of her character and of her estimation of women’s strength.

The message of abortion activists is that women who face unplanned pregnancies are not strong enough to rise to the challenge of parenting. They are told to kill their unborn children and wait for a better time — some magically perfect, distant time when they will suddenly become strong enough to be good parents.

Pro-lifers, on the other hand, believe women are strong and capable of raising children, in the face of adversity; and they are providing them with the encouragement and resources to do so.