United Nations Pressures Ireland to Legalize Abortion and Stop Protecting Unborn Children

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 12, 2016   |   9:32AM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Pro-life nations are under intense international pressure to stop protecting unborn babies and legalize abortion. On Wednesday, pro-abortion countries at the United Nations pushed Ireland to legalize abortion on demand, according to the Irish Times.

At least 14 countries represented at the UN meeting demanded to know why Ireland has not legalized abortion yet, according to the report. Currently, abortion is illegal in Ireland except when the mother’s life is in danger.

Here is more from the Irish Times:

While six states – including Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden – had lodged advance questions on access to abortion services, the issue was raised by many more states at the session in Geneva, including Canada, France, the U.S., Lithuania, Macedonia, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea and Iceland.

Slovenia recommended Ireland “decriminalise abortion in all circumstances and, as a minimum, ensure access to safe abortion also in cases of rape, incest, serious risk to the health of the mother or fatal foetal abnormality”.

[Irish Minister for Justice Frances] Fitzgerald, who arrived about two hours into the three-and-a-half-hour session – having been delayed by Government business in Dublin – described abortion as a “live issue” in Ireland and one where “respect” for all views was necessary.



“Recent public debate has concentrated on extending the law on abortion to cover cases of fatal foetal abnormalities, or cases where a woman is pregnant as a result of rape, to a broader legal regime that allows abortion where the health of a woman is of concern.

“None of the above measures is possible under the current regulation of constitutional and statute law,” she said, and outlined plans for a Constitutional Convention to meet and make recommendation on the issue.

LifeNews writer Cora Sherlock predicted that the UN would continue badgering Ireland to legalize abortion during its meeting in Geneva this week:

It is becoming something of a morbid joke that the UN takes every opportunity it can to target the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution which recognizes the rights and dignity of every human alive in Ireland, including women and unborn babies. Incredibly, the UN allows other countries to question Ireland on this law but it overlooks the many abuses caused by abortion.

Readers of LifeNews will be well acquainted with these abuses – situations like babies born alive after failed abortions and left to die, the trauma and suffering of women who deeply regret their abortions, and the serious physical side-effects that abortion can cause.  While these are side-stepped by the UN, they are very much to the fore of pro-life campaigners in Ireland who are trying to keep abortion out of the country.

Abortion activists in Ireland also have been lobbying the pro-life country to change its laws – so far without success.

“We are confident that the pro-life position will win out as the debate progresses and people are given the opportunity to hear all that is positive about the 8th Amendment and the many people who are alive today thanks to Ireland’s Life Equality Amendment,” Sherlock said in March.

Ireland is not the only country being targeted by abortion activists through the UN. In February, the UN began increasing the pressure on South American countries to legalize abortion as they deal with the spread of the Zika virus. The virus, labeled a world health crisis, has been linked to birth defects.