Abortion Activists Complain After City Flies Pro-Life Flag for “Respect Life” Week

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 12, 2016   |   3:19PM   |   Prince Albert, Sasaketchewon

The smiling face of a cartoon baby in the womb is flying on a flag outside a Canadian city this week, and abortion activists are not happy.

A small group of abortion activists protested on Tuesday outside the Prince Albert city hall where the flag is, claiming that by flying the flag, the city is endorsing the pro-life position, CTV News reports.

The flag is purple and white with the image of the pro-life cartoon character Umbert the Unborn and the words “Celebrate Life Week” and “Please let me live.” Pro-lifers received permission from the city to fly it in recognition of Celebrate Life Week in Canada, according to the report.

Mayor Greg Dionne said the city council allows outside groups to raise flags on the courtesy pole, as long as the groups do not promote violence or discrimination.

“We are a diverse community, and everyone should have the right to their opinion. Whether I agree with it or not, that’s not my job to judge,” Dionne told the news outlet. “We have a flag pole there that people have the right, during their celebration week, to fly their flag.”

However, abortion activist Lana Wilson wants the city to remove the flag and apologize, according to the report. She and a few other protesters gathered outside city hall on Tuesday to make their demands.

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“There is a time and place for groups to express their opinions, but to have a civic body such as the city council of Prince Albert raise an anti-abortion flag on the official flag poles in front of city hall represents an endorsement of the worldwide so-called” pro-life movement, Wilson said.

She continued, “This is problematic because this is officially endorsing the so-called pro-life position, which here in Saskatchewan, across Canada and around the world, is actively working to reduce the rights of pregnant people to access medically necessary procedures and to make choices about their own bodily autonomy.”

Dorothy Kawul, a member of the Prince Albert Right to Life Association, said the flag is just one of the ways they help to raise awareness about crisis pregnancies, abortion and adoption.

“City hall is indicative of what the citizens are, and the citizens have requested that this week be proclaimed and the flag be raised,” she said.

The city has approved and flown the pro-life flag in the past, too, according to the report.

The protest is part of a growing trend among abortion activists to not just oppose but attempt to silence the pro-life position. On college campuses especially, LifeNews has reported numerous incidents where pro-life groups have had their displays defaced and vandalized and their tables protested and blocked by abortion activists.

Pro-life advocate Ryan Bomberger recently faced a hostile crowd of abortion supporters when he spoke at Harvard. One pro-abortion student asked him a question and then began interrupting him continuously, refusing to let him answer. A pro-lifer at the event also tried to ask a question, but abortion activists shouted her down.