Justin Trudeau Forces Canadians to Pay for Abortions Overseas With Their Tax Dollars

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 11, 2016   |   10:38AM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Canadians are already forced to fund abortions on unborn babies aborted in Canada. Now, thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, they will be forced to pay for abortions on babies killed in abortions in other countries.

Under the scheme, Trudeau’s government will send hundreds of millions to other nations, which can now use the tax dollars to pay for abortions.

The Toronto Sun newspaper has more:

On the eve of the giant annual anti-abortion protest on Parliament Hill, the Justin Trudeau government has quietly removed a restriction that prevented federal foreign aid dollars being used for abortion services in other countries.

The government of Stephen Harper committed billions in Canadian funds for its global maternal, child and newborn health, a commitment that helped leverage billions more from international state and corporate donors.

But it stopped short of allowing government funds to provide abortion services in foreign countries.

The Trudeau government, though, will lift those restrictions.

Officials were unable to say, though, how much federal aid will be spent subsidizing overseas abortion services.

Mike Schouten, the director of the pro-life group We Need a Law, told LifeNewshe is very disappointed by Trudeau’s decision.

“It is no surprise that a government which believes women’s rights rest on abortion rights is now aggressively transporting their extreme ideology to other cultures,” he said. “Maternal health is improved by providing proper care for pregnant mothers, not making it easier for them to kill their pre-born children.”

Turdeaus abortion views are so extreme that he said, in 2014, abortion should be more important than whether members of the Canadian parliament can vote their conscience. And he essentially prohibited pro-life members of the Liberal Party.

Schouten , writing at LifeNews, said before the election that Trudeau would be one of the most ardent abrotion activists in recent Canadian history if elected.

The Liberal leader wants to make abortion an election issue and for well over a year now has been intentionally misleading Canadians by stating that abortion is a Charter right and his is the “party of the Charter”.

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Mr. Trudeau, like many Canadians, believes in a woman’s right to choose abortion. The notion we should celebrate that Canada allows abortion for any reason at any point in a pregnancy is lamentable. The Charter nowhere grants a right to abortion and the Supreme Court of Canada has never interpreted it to allow for unregulated abortion. Rather, they have looked to Parliament to pass regulations that are constitutional and protect the foetus at some point in its development.