Doctor Sues Hospital Because it Won’t Let Her Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 3, 2016   |   6:07PM   |   Washington, DC

An abortion activist is suing a Washington, D.C. hospital after it asked her to stop promoting abortions, citing safety concerns, according to the New York Times.

OB-GYN Diane J. Horvath-Cosper, 37, has become a vocal abortion activists in the past few years, encouraging other abortion supporters to speak their minds as well. She has conducted interviews and written columns in support of abortion, becoming a nationally-known name in the abortion debate.

However, her employer, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, told her to stop. According to the legal complaint, hospital officials told Horvath-Cosper that they were worried about security after a crazed gunman shot 12 people near a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in November in Colorado Springs. Abortion activists blamed the pro-life movement for the violence, but the gunman, Robert Lewis Dear, had no connections to the movement. Two government psychologist recently said Dear is mentally incompetent to stand trial and suffering from a delusional disorder, LifeNews reported.

The hospital, however, continued to reject Horvath-Cosper’s requests to do media appearances, according to the report. On Monday, she filed a civil rights complaint against the hospital, saying it violated her right to speak by imposing a “gag order” on her.

“We need to talk publicly and proudly about the good work we do every day,” she said about her abortion activism. “We need to make it unacceptable for people to stand outside a clinic and yell at women coming in for care.”

Here is more from the report:

In ordering Dr. Horvath-Cosper to end her media appearances and writings, the medical director of the hospital, Dr. Gregory J. Argyros, said he did “not want to put a Kmart blue-light special on the fact that we provide abortions at MedStar,” according to the complaint.

Since then, hospital officials have ordered Dr. Horvath-Cosper to turn down several requests for interviews, speeches or articles or risk losing her job , she said in the complaint, which was filed with the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services.

If the civil rights office finds that Dr. Horvath-Cosper’s rights were violated, it can order the hospital to take corrective action or risk losing its federal funding.

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The hospital on Monday afternoon did not directly respond to the allegations in the complaint, saying in a brief, emailed statement, “MedStar Washington Hospital Center is committed to providing family planning services for our community, and we do so in a respectful, private and safe environment.”

Horvath-Cosper is employed at the hospital as part of a two-year fellowship, according to the report. Her lawyer tried to negotiate a compromise with the hospital, proposing that she be allowed to write about abortion without mentioning where she worked, the report states. However, the hospital rejected the compromise, saying Horvath-Cosper could leave if she wanted to continue her abortion advocacy.

Abortion activists often blame the pro-life movement for violence against abortionists, but the pro-life movement openly condemns violence – both inside and outside of abortion clinics. Even a new report from the trade group for the abortion industry admits that abortion-related violence is on a downwards trend.

Abortion violence also goes both ways.  LifeNews has been the subject of multiple death threats and threatening letters over the years and almost every pro-life organization or pro-life leader we work with regularly has received a death threat or hate mail of some kind from abortion activists. Yet, Planned Parenthood or pro-abortion politicians like Hillary Clinton don’t get tagged by the mainstream media as being responsible for those threats or the killing of pro-life people or arsons of pro-life pregnancy centers due to their “hateful rhetoric.”

The very nature of the movement is to oppose violence against human beings, abortion being the first and foremost focus because it destroys the lives of more than 1 million innocent human beings every year in America.