4 Reasons Why Every Christian Should be Pro-Life on Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 3, 2016   |   12:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Lately, a number of abortion activists have been claiming that their faith is the reason they support abortion.

Abortionist Willie Parker calls his deadly practice a “ministry,” saying Christianity inspires him to help pregnant women who are struggling. Abortionist-in-training Carolyn Payne says Christianity led her to believe that doing abortions “is one of the most meaningful ways I feel I can contribute to making the world a more fair and equal place for women.”

Equality and compassion toward the suffering are key aspects of Christianity, but abortion supporters who call themselves Christians limit these values, refusing to extend them to unborn babies, too.

Daniel Rodger, a pro-life apologist with Life Training Institute, recently wrote a column for Premier Christianity explaining how being pro-life is a key part of Christianity. He said Christianity recognizes unborn babies as valuable human beings, and Christians should work to defend them from abortion.

Here are Rodger’s four reasons:

1. All humans are equally valuable because they equally bear God’s image

It has been the Christian view for 2000 years that all humans are of equal moral worth regardless of age, colour, ability or anything else. Only the Judeo-Christian worldview supports and has promoted this revolutionary idea.

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Our value is not found in our abilities to perform certain tasks or display certain capacities. We are made in God’s image. The Christian worldview says that to kill another human being is to kill and deface something of God. Abortion always intends to end the life of a human being made in God’s image and is a serious sin, albeit one that Christ died to forgive.

2. Abortion is incompatible with being a Good Samaritan

… Abortion would have us see the injured traveler as someone who is disposable and a burden on our resources rather than someone we can demonstrate the sacrificial love of Christ to. Support for abortion is incompatible with fulfilling Jesus’ command to ‘go and do likewise’.

3. Abortion is child sacrifice

Although abortion is not explicitly condemned in scripture, child sacrifice is. The only significant difference between abortion and child sacrifice are the means by which the child is killed. During an abortion, the killing occurs at a slightly earlier stage of human development. …

4. Science tells us that abortion kills a human being

Although science cannot tell us what is right or wrong, it can tell us that from the earliest stages of human development that the unborn are distinct, living and whole human beings. …

Science shows us that we do not develop into humans but as humans and our history is always a human one, albeit with times of significant development, decline and change.

The pro-life movement is made up largely of Christians because the cause is a central part of their religious values. While the pro-life movement is increasingly diverse, drawing people from various faith, political and cultural backgrounds, Christians remain a driving force behind the efforts to protect all human beings from suffering, abuse and death. And every Christian should recognize that the most vulnerable human beings in society today are unborn babies.