Catholic Bishops: Pro-Life Voters Must Not Support Pro-Abortion Candidates

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 27, 2016   |   6:42PM   |   Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Catholic Church is sending a strong message to voters all across the world this spring: Don’t vote for candidates who support abortion.

On Tuesday, bishops in Northern Ireland published a document urging voters to follow church teachings when they consider who to vote for, the Belfast Telegraph reports. Abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland, but abortion activists are putting increasing pressure on elected officials to change the law. Fortunately, pro-life lawmakers have remained strong in Northern Ireland, opposing multiple efforts to legalize the killing of unborn babies.

The Irish bishops told voters:

The moral issue here is not whether what is proposed is abortion ‘on demand’ or some form of so-called ‘limited’ abortion. From a moral point of view, there is no such things as ‘limited’ abortion.

The medical prognosis for the life of a child in the womb, or the extent of that child’s disabilities, is no more morally relevant than it is when considering an adult who faces the diagnosis of a life-limiting condition.”

Their call echos what many Catholic bishops in America have been saying. Last week, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Rhode Island made it clear that Catholic voters must not vote for pro-abortion candidates like Hillary Clinton.

Bishop Tobin made the remarks in an April 21 post on Facebook:

Catholics: Vote Pro-Life

As the primary election draws near in Rhode Island, I encourage faithful Catholics to vote pro-life – and never to vote for any candidate, of any party, who supports abortion.

And don’t be fooled by those who say they “aren’t pro-abortion, but are just pro-choice.” It’s a smoke screen for what they really believe, but are afraid to admit. After all, what kind of choice are they promoting? They’re not talking about choosing a favorite ice cream flavor, are they? And it’s not about so-called “reproductive freedom or women’s health care” either. Clearly, politicians who support abortion are encouraging a choice that ends the life of an innocent human being and ultimately harms the mother, personally and spiritually!

As Pope Francis has reminded us: “It is not progressive to try to resolve problems by eliminating human life.” (EG #214)

Clinton has an extreme position on abortion that is out of touch with most Americans and contrary to Catholic teachings.

If elected, Clinton promised her friends at the abortion company Planned Parenthood to force Americans to pay for abortions with their tax dollars by attempting to overturn the Hyde Amendment, which has protected Americans from funding most all abortions since the late 1970s. Upheld by the Supreme Court, the Hyde Amendment is now a target of abortion advocates who have moved from pro-choice to pro-abortion — forcing Americans not only to accept unlimited abortions before birth but also to pay for them.

During an interview on The View recently Hillary Clinton said an unborn child just hours before delivery should have no Constitutional rights. In February, Clinton also defended partial-birth abortions.