UK Minister Reveals Number of Complaints Against Pro-Life Protesters, The Figure Will Shock You

International   |   SPUC   |   Apr 26, 2016   |   10:00AM   |   London, England

The abortion industry likes to complain about pro-life ‘protesters’ harassing women outside their clinics.

In fact, they’ve been using this line of argument to lobby the government to introduce draconian ‘buffer-zones’ – which would prevent pro-life volunteers from being able to offer peaceful support and life-saving alternatives to mothers in crisis. Key figures in the abortion industry, such as Ann Furedi, argue that this is a necessary restriction on freedom in response to women being harassed routinely on their way to have abortions.

Of course, the reality is very different. Pro-life pavement counsellors are there to offer help, not harassment, to expectant mothers. Many pro-life groups go so far as to require any volunteer to sign a ‘statement of peace’, committing them to peaceful and compassionate actions alone.

Government admits truth

Last week, a government minister confirmed how many complaints have been received from NHS staff about so-called ‘protests’ by pro-lifers outside NHS hospitals.



The answer? Zero.

That’s right, the Department of Health has received absolutely no complaints from NHS staff on this matter. Not one!

“No representations”

Ben Gummer, a junior health minister, confirmed the fact in a parliamentary answer to a question tabled by Cat Smith MP. Ms Smith asked whether the Secretary of State for Health “has received any representations from NHS staff who feel they are being harassed outside NHS buildings by protesters.”

Mr Gummer replied: “There have been no representations from National Health Service staff who feel they are being harassed outside NHS buildings by protesters. Although protesters are democratically entitled to make their views known on abortion and other issues and can do so outside NHS hospitals and other NHS buildings, we would condemn any harassment of NHS staff, patients and others.”

Suicide vs support

In the last few weeks, SPUC has reported multiple cases where young women have taken their own lives shortly after having an abortion. There is evidence that some, if not all of them, felt pressured into the decision. What might have happened if someone had been there that day to offer them support – would they and their babies still be alive?

We may never know, but certainly we do know that there are women who were given the strength to reject abortion and choose life because of the support offered by pro-life volunteers. In the video below, one such mother explains how pro-life pavement counsellors enabled her to continue her pregnancy:

“Ruthless pursuit of financial goals”

Paul Tully, SPUC’s General Secretary, has drawn attention to the financial motivations behind the false rhetoric of abortion leaders:

“The abortion industry’s allegations of harassment against peaceful pro-life pavement counsellors indicate how ruthless they are in pursuit of their financial goals – they want to do as many abortions as possible, and they want the NHS to fund them. Many commercial abortion agencies now operate ‘abortion franchises’ within NHS premises.

“This campaign against pro-life help for mothers was started by commercial abortion companies. They lose substantial fees every time an anxious young woman chooses to give her baby the gift of life, instead of going ahead with an abortion. Abortion agencies offer no alternatives to pregnant mothers – only abortion.

“By contrast, pro-life pavement counsellors offer women free help, motivated by love of mothers and babies. They reach out to women in a lawful and quiet manner.”