Hospital Threatens to Kill 2-Year-Old By Taking Him Off Life Support Without His Parents’ Consent

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 25, 2016   |   4:09PM   |   Sacramento, CA

Time is running out for a 2-year-old California boy who doctors want to take off life support against his family’s wishes.

Two weeks ago, a judge put a temporary stop to a hospital’s attempt to withdraw life support from 2-year-old Israel Stinson (pictured) after doctors declared him “brain dead,” according to Life Legal Defense Foundation, which is representing Israel and his family.

However, the order expires on Wednesday, and the family has not been able to find another hospital to care for him, said Alexandra Snyder of Life Legal Defense Foundation.

“The hospital wants to withdraw life support as soon as possible,” Snyder said. “We have obtained a court order to keep Israel alive until this Wednesday, April 27.”

Israel’s family wants to give him a chance to recover. He was placed on life support after suffering a severe asthma attack earlier this month. Though the hospital declared Israel “brain dead” a few weeks ago, he has since been observed reacting to his mother’s voice and touch, according to the legal group.

The 2 year old’s situation took a turn for the worse when he was transferred from a Sacramento hospital to a Kaiser hospital on April 12. Less than 24 hours after the hospital admitted Israel, the staff notified his parents that they intended to run tests to determine his brain activity and likely would withdraw his life support, according to the pro-life legal group. Without life support, Israel would die.



Israel’s mother said she posted notes throughout his hospital room instructing Kaiser not to conduct any tests on her son without her permission. One of the notes said: “This letter puts you on notice that we will be filing a temporary restraining order with the courts this week. I am in need of more time before any further tests are performed and am requesting an outside physician to intervene and give a second prognosis.”

However, Israel’s mother said the hospital staff ignored the notes and conducted the tests anyway.

Two weeks ago, a judge in Placer County Superior Court granted the family’s request for a temporary restraining order that prohibits the hospital from withdrawing life support, according to Life Legal. It also requires that Israel receives any treatment needed to maintain his stability, the firm said.

The pro-life law group is asking people to “please pray for Israel and his family!”

The past few years have brought increasing attention to cases involving families fighting for children who are declared “brain dead.” There are cases where individuals have lived and recovered; in other cases, however, the individuals died.

In November, LifeNews reported a tragic story of a 7-year-old from New York City who doctors declared brain dead after a choking accident. Her family fought to keep the hospital from taking the young girl off life support, but she died several days later as a result of the accident.

However, another young girl, Jahi McMath, is still alive more than two years after a hospital declared her brain dead and her family fought to keep her alive. In November, the girl’s family celebrated her 15th birthday at her bedside at a New Jersey hospital and posted a series of pictures on her Facebook page.

ACTION: Doctors or medical centers wishing to help should contact immediately.