Pro-Lifers Will Protest at Planned Parenthood in Over 200 Cities Saturday After it Sells Aborted Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 22, 2016   |   3:57PM   |   Washington, DC

A nation-wide rallying effort to expose Planned Parenthood’s horrendous abortion practices will take place on Saturday at more than 200 locations across the U.S.

Organized by a group of pro-life organizations, the #ProtestPP rallies will remind communities of the abortion chain’s abhorrent treatment of unborn babies through abortion and the sale of their body parts. The #ProtestPP movement began last year after the Center for Medical Progress began releasing undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies’ body parts.

Last year 100,000 citizens rallied against Planned Parenthood at more than 400 locations, reacting in outrage to the abortion giant’s callous treatment of unborn babies, according to the organizers. In the wake of these protests, more than 20 Planned Parenthood centers closed and nine states stripped funding for the organization from their budgets, the organizers said.

Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, which is helping to organize the protests, said the undercover videos serve as more evidence of what many already knew about the abortion industry.

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“The public was appalled at Kermit Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors,’” Scheidler said, referring the Philadelphia abortionist convicted for his barbaric practices in 2013. “Last year’s videos exposed Planned Parenthood’s crude and mercenary treatment of the babies they abort, and destroyed any illusion that that they are any more humane than the ‘back-alley’ abortionists they claim to abhor.”

On Saturday, the pro-life protesters will stand in solidarity with David Daleiden, the pro-life whistleblower who is facing baseless civil and criminal charges for conducting a 30-month undercover investigation of the abortion industry’s trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress are facing attacks on multiple fronts. In January, a Texas grand jury that was supposed to investigate Planned Parenthood turned around and brought charges against Daleiden instead. Then in earlier this month, California Attorney General Kamala Harris raided Daleiden’s home and took unreleased footage in what appears to be a politically motivated move.

“Planned Parenthood and their powerful allies in government are trying to discredit and silence pro-lifers who are guilty of nothing more than exposing the shocking truth about their abortion practices,” said protest co-director Mark Harrington, executive director of Created Equal. “As an investigative journalist, Mr. Daleiden’s protected free speech is being criminalized while Planned Parenthood’s criminal behavior is being entirely overlooked. On April 23, we’ll be setting the record straight in communities all over the country.”

The protest organizers also hope the events will expose the true nature of Planned Parenthood. While the group spends big bucks to advertise itself as a trusted health care provider for women, its focus is on aborting unborn babies and making money. The abortion business’s own annual reports show that its other services like cancer screenings are dropping while abortions remain steady.

“Planned Parenthood insists that poor women depend on them for basic healthcare,” said Monica Miller, protest co-director and head of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, “but in fact they provide fewer and fewer services, to fewer and fewer women every year-except abortion. Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers keep going up. They’re now responsible for nearly a third of all abortions in our country.”

The #ProtestPP rallies will take place on Saturday in more than 200 cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit and Washington D.C. For more details or protest locations, visit