Mississippi Legislature Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 21, 2016   |   5:10PM   |   Jackson, MS

Planned Parenthood is losing money left and right as states, outraged by its trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts, move to defund the abortion giant.

This week, Mississippi legislators sent a bill to Gov. Phil Bryant that would prohibit tax dollars through Medicaid from going to groups that perform elective abortions, according to the Associated Press.

Mississippi Senate Bill 2238 passed the state House on Saturday, and the state Senate gave it the final OK on Wednesday, the report states. Gov. Bryant is expected to sign it.

Modeled after Texas legislation, the bill was introduced after pro-life legislators witnessed the shocking revelations in undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies’ body parts, LifeNews reported.

The bill faced some opposition in the state House, with one pro-abortion legislator calling it a “waste of time,” LifeNews previously reported. Abortion supporters contended that Planned Parenthood in Mississippi does not do abortions, and the abortion group only received about $600 in taxpayer money in the past five years, according to The Clarion-Ledger.

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“You are the company you keep and by Mississippi reimbursing Planned Parenthood through Medicaid, we are keeping that company,” state Sen. Brice Wiggins said in response.

All Planned Parenthood facilities refer women for abortions if they do not perform them on location.

A handful of states have passed legislation to defund abortion businesses after the Planned Parenthood abortion company was caught in multiple states selling aborted babies and their body parts. In February, Ohio became the 10th state to take steps to end or cut Planned Parenthood funding. Others are in the process of working to pass similar legislation.

This week, a U.S. Congressional committee investigating the abortion industry released new documents showing Planned Parenthood profited from the sales of aborted baby parts.

The new white paper on the pricing of aborted baby parts from the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives reveals Planned Parenthood appears to be breaking the law. The document points out that “to profit from the acquisition or transfer of fetal tissue violates Title 42 USC §289 g-2, which prohibits the transfer of any fetal tissue for valuable consideration that exceeds the reasonable costs associated with the procurement.”

The white paper and accompanying exhibits show that the middleman company StemExpress does all of the work to transfer the aborted baby parts — making it so Planned Parenthood is spared any significant expense, thus leaving it with pure profit from the sale of the parts.

“The [abortion clinic] has no costs so the payments from the [procurement business] to the [abortion clinic] are pure profit,” the report concludes. “All costs are born by the [procurement business] or the customer. The payments from the customer to the PB exceed its cost by a factor of 300 to 400 percent.”