Cecile Richards Mocks Pro-Life Student During Speech at Georgetown University

National   |   Students for Life   |   Apr 21, 2016   |   6:35PM   |   Washington, DC

In case you missed it, the president of Planned Parenthood, an organization that commits close to 900 abortions every DAY, was invited to speak to Georgetown University. Georgetown is a Catholic institute of higher education. Catholic doctrine teaches abortion is a ‘grave evil.’

But no matter, said Georgetown, it’s all about a ‘free exchange of ideas’. But Cecile Richards’ speech wasn’t about a free exchange of ideas. It was a lovefest of Planned Parenthood and promotion of abortion – and mocking pro-lifers

No press was allowed inside of Richards’ speech but the Georgetown Right to Life group is awesome and some of the students managed to record parts of it.

This is a transcript of an exchange during the Q&A section between a pro-life student and Cecile Richards.

Question from pro-life student:  So, by the Guttmacher Institute’s own statistics at Planned Parenthood 94% of pregnancy services are abortions, 6% are sonograms, and less than 1% are adoption counseling. How can you say that when a woman walks into your clinic she has a choice. Because from the outside it would not appear that this is complete health care when one choice is so favored over another.

Cecile Richards: The Guttmacher Institute is not Planned Parenthood, but I appreciate, you know, whatever statistics you come up with.  (Laughing & Clapping)

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Q:  These are your own statistics.

CR:  We are not the Guttmacher Institute, but that’s ok.  But what I am saying actually, is that I would really encourage you to come visit a Planned Parenthood center.  What you will find, what I believe you will find, and you can call me if you don’t, and I am serious about that, is a health care organization that provides women the full range of reproductive health care and preventative services, nothing is more important.  What is important to us is that women are free to make their own decision about their pregnancies, their families, without the intervention of politicians and that is what medicine, good medicine, is all about out.  And it’s really incredible to me that a lot of the legislation that has passed, and even some of the things I am hearing now in this presidential campaign are based on the idea that women are not smart enough or able to make their own medical decisions (clapping) women make hard decisions every single day (clapping that drowns out the end of her sentence).

By the way, these same statistics are available from Planned Parenthood’s own annual report. So she doesn’t know the numbers in her own report?