Wendy Davis is Dedicated to Promoting Abortions With God’s Help: “By God, We Get Back Up”

National   |   Conor Beck   |   Apr 20, 2016   |   9:30AM   |   Washington, DC

Since her humiliating defeat in the 2014 Texas gubernatorial race, Wendy Davis has not backed down from her abortion-fueled fame. On the contrary, she has double downed on her commitment to promoting abortion, referring to advances in the pro-life movement as getting “knocked down, but by God, we can get back up and we fight to see a new day.”

Reading Jezebel’s new interview with the pro-abortion Texan, it is clear that getting clobbered in an election does not make Davis any less of a progressive darling. Jezebel lovingly describes Davis during her filibuster of a Texas pro-life law as “grave and dignified in a pair of pink sneakers, occasionally wiping away tears as she read hours of personal testimony from women across the state,” and says her filibuster “is engraved in the public memory.”

The degree to which the piece lionizes Davis is almost hard to believe. It says: “She became an instant hero. In the weeks that followed, the rest of America learned what Texas had long known: that Davis was a certified badass, a young single mom who worked her way out of poverty and into Harvard Law, elected office, and history.”



It remains true that Davis’s abilities to message for the pro-abortion lobby have gotten easier since her removal from public office. She herself admitted to Texas Monthly that it is easier to use honest language like “abortion” rather than “women’s health” now that she is less constrained.

Despite this, it does give one a little bit of pause to see someone use God as a means to invoke support for abortion, as Davis does here. It is not the first time a major public figure has done so, however. President Obama famously said “God bless you” to Planned Parenthood in 2013.

There is a disturbing irony here for pro-life advocates, many of whom would be aghast at God being used for the political purpose of the support of killing unborn children.