Woman Has Her 9th Abortion: “I’ve Done It 8 Times Before and Have No Regrets”

National   |   Maria Gallagher   |   Apr 14, 2016   |   10:35AM   |   Washington, DC

Certain images sear the conscience in Abby Johnson’s horrific and all-too-true tale “The Walls Are Talking.”

A 16-year-old clutching a teddy bear as she heads in for an abortion…the frantic face of a young woman coerced into aborting quadruplets by her controlling boyfriend…an abortion center worker reassembling baby body parts in a “Products of Conception” lab.

Johnson is the former director of a Planned Parenthood facility in Texas. Her first book, Unplanned, provided her personal inside account of life at an abortion center and her eventual conversion to the pro-life cause.

In her latest offering, Johnson offers first-hand testimonies by numerous individuals who used to work in the abortion industry. A number of them are post-abortive themselves. And yet, despite their familiarity with abortion, time and time again they are shocked by what transpires inside abortion center walls.

Perhaps one of the most jarring passages is about a woman identified as a “frequent flyer” at an abortion center–meaning someone who returns to the abortion facility repeatedly. “Angie” is in her mid-thirties, and visits the abortion center for her 9th abortion. Angie seemed to be a comedian at heart, and jovially tells women in the waiting room, “I’ve done it eight times before, and I have no regrets.”

As the abortion center staffer walks by, Angie asks, “Hey, do you mind if I see it?” referring to her aborted child. Her wish is granted, and her 13-week-old baby–in parts–is placed before her.

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“That’s a baby,” she says. “That was my baby.” Then she begins to sob uncontrollably, saying over and over again,”What did I do?”

As long as abortion remains an abstraction, it goes on day after day, week after tragic week. It is only when eyes open to the tragic reality of abortion–the death of a helpless child–that hearts change and laws change.

That is why Pennsylvania’s proposed ban on dismemberment abortions is so important. It would end the brutal practice of tearing a baby limb by limb from a mother’s womb.

Women deserve better than a callous offer to take the life of their children one arm and one leg at a time. Dismemberment abortion is cruel, and such a flagrant violation of human rights should not be tolerated in our 21st century world.