Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Billboard With Cute Baby: “Take This Bull—- Down”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 14, 2016   |   9:37AM   |   San Francisco, CA

Simply ignoring the pro-life message is not enough for some abortion activists. They feel they have to silence it, and some times they commit crimes to do so.

This week, California Catholic Daily reported a life-affirming billboard of a smiling baby in San Francisco had been vandalized.

ProLife Across America, which sponsored the billboard, said it is dedicated to promoting positive, pro-life messages on billboards across the country. Its San Francisco billboard did not appear controversial: It had a photo of a baby girl and the words “Born & Unborn, Cherish Life!”along with a pregnancy help hotline.

According to the report:

ProLife Across America placed a billboard at the corner of Polk and Green streets in San Francisco’s expensive Russian Hill neighborhood. Between Friday, April 8, and Saturday, April 9, vandals defaced the billboard, pasting a large piece of paper over the billboard with the message “Get this bulls*** out of here. Love, the neighbors”; a sheet of paper replacing the word “Life” in “ProLife Across America” with the with the word “choice”; and the number “6” over the a digit of the contact phone number so instead of reading 800-366-7773 it now read 800-666-7773.

… Ironically, the vandalism drew more overt attention to the billboard than had it been left alone. When the CalCatholic reporter first saw the billboard, passersby showed no noticeable response, although they could not have missed it. But after it had been defaced, many people were stopping and looking at it. The defacing was obviously forcing them, at some level, to reflect on the issue — and why some people would find such a wholesome message so repugnant.

The pro-life group said its ads bring “positive, persuasive messages” that offer alternatives to abortion to women in need.



“Our ads create an ‘Atmosphere of Life’ in a ‘culture of death.’ So often our tender and touching ads are the only visible sign offering hope and help to someone who may be on the brink of an abortion decision,” according to the group.

Pro-lifers frequently are the victims of vandalism. Students for Life reported six pro-life student groups were censored or had their displays vandalized during the month of April 2015 alone. Pro-life billboards also are vandalized fairly frequently.

Some pro-lifers even have been assaulted and threatened with rape and death by abortion activists.