This State is Now Calling Babies Before Birth “Unborn Children” Instead of “Fetuses”

State   |   Emily Derois   |   Apr 13, 2016   |   9:47AM   |   Little Rock, AR

Despite a great deal of controversy, Arkansas State Medical Board voted on Thursday to use the life-affirming terms “unborn child” and “unborn human individual” in abortion-related regulations.

KY3 News reported on the controversy:

The board had presented the wording governing abortion procedures for doctors in January, changing the Legislature’s language to “fetus” because its members said that was an accepted medical term, while “unborn child” was not. A subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council sent the proposed rules back to the board with directions to restore the original language. The board did so Thursday on a split vote.

Additional pro-life requirements for abortion providers who do chemical abortions also were added to the law, according to the report.

Language does matter in the abortion debate. Abortion activists try to hide the unborn child’s humanity from the culture by describing it as a “fetus” or a “pregnancy” or even a “clump of cells” because when women recognize that the child in their womb is a child, they are less likely to have an abortion.

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This change in terminology, though slight, will certainly help in defending unborn lives.