Ciara and Russell Wilson Were Praised for Abstaining, Now They’re Engaged: “God Had a Plan”

National   |   Katie Yoder   |   Apr 13, 2016   |   11:44AM   |   Washington, DC

The big-name couple that once made headlines for practicing abstinence is now capturing attention for their God-centered relationship.

Singer Ciara graced the cover of Essence magazine’s May issue. Inside, the Grammy winner revealed that she trusted “God had a plan” after an ugly break-up in 2014 and that she wanted a “God fearing man.” She found that man in her fiancé Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson – and now can’t wait for the “beauty” of marriage.

Besides selling millions of records, the 30-year-old said family was one of her life goals.

“I’d always wanted to have my own family,” she revealed to Essence.

But after she had a baby boy, Future, in 2014, her relationship with ex-fiancé and Future’s father, rapper Future, fell apart.

“That wasn’t necessarily part of my vision,” she said. “But the moment I realized I was going to be a single mother, I had to reflect and reorganize my thoughts. I decided to trust that God had a plan for me, and move forward one day at a time.”

“I remember telling my friend the kind of guy I wanted: a God-fearing man with a very fun spirit who loves kids and would really, truly care for me,” she continued. “I was very specific because I do believe you can have it all.”

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She found that “all” in 27-year-old Wilson. Last month, Wilson proposed during a vacation in the Seychelles.

“Marriage is something I look forward to,” she added. “I believe in family, and the beauty of two people committing to spend their lives together.”

In a video taken shortly after the proposal, Ciara announced, “God is so good.”

Wilson added, “All the time.”

Last summer, the media (with a few exceptions) slammed Wilson when he revealed that he and Ciara were abstaining from sex while dating.

In an interview with the Rock Church, Wilson explained how (with some help from God) the couple made the decision to practice abstinence.

“I said to her, and she completely agreed, is the fact that could we love each other without that,” Wilson, then 26, said about sex. “If you can really love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody.”

In February, Ciara stressed to Cosmopolitan that abstinence allowed her and Wilson to “focus on each other as people.”

LifeNews Note: Katie Yoder writes for Newsbusters, where this column originally appeared.