This University’s Students Held an “Abortion Positive Rally” to Push for Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 12, 2016   |   9:36AM   |   Columbus, OH

When describing a woman’s decision to abort her unborn child, abortion activists regularly contradict themselves.

They say it is a difficult decision, one that women weigh thoughtfully before making. They acknowledge that women often have mixed emotions about having an abortion and try to sympathize. At the same time, they claim that abortion is no big deal. It’s a right, a simple medical procedure that every woman should have access to, and there should not be any social stigma attached. Some even call it a positive experience.

Last week, a group of pro-abortion students at Ohio University set out to make abortion appear more positive at a rally on campus, according to The Athens News.

“No one should feel pressured to make decisions with stigma attached to [them],” student Sarah Weingarten said.

The Ohio student group Feminist Equality Movement organized the “Abortion Positive Rally” on Thursday to address the social stigma of abortion. The group leaders said they also wanted to raise awareness about the EACH Woman Act, a federal bill that would overturn the Hyde Amendment and require taxpayers to fund women’s abortions. The rally was part of a larger campus-based movement by All Above All, a pro-abortion group dedicated to pushing taxpayer-funded abortions and “abortion positivity.”



Here is more from the report:

The rally consisted of tabling efforts, four speakers, informational packets, a “Selfie Booth,” and chants by the rally participants that could be heard throughout the atrium. The chants included “Stop the stigma, stop the shame, abortion is our right to claim!” and “Abortion, my choice, OU students have a voice!”

The rally offered petitions for signees to show their support for the EACH Woman Act, and provided an opportunity for participants to let their legislators know that they support the bill by texting “EACH” to 52886.

The day before the rally, some of the organizers painted a message on the graffiti wall that provided information about the rally. Shortly after the message was painted, an unknown individual(s) wrote over the message, “Choose life like your mom did.”

Kenyetta Whitfield, a sophomore who manages public relations for FEM, described painting the wall as a “culminating activity before the rally” and that it was “disheartening” to see the wall painted over. Whitfield said it reminded her of the defacement of the graffiti wall’s “Black Lives Matter” message back in December.

Portraying abortion as a “positive experience” is not only deceptive by abortion activists’ own admissions, it also ignores the painful experiences many women have had with abortions. Many women have walked out of abortion clinics with emotional scars, others with physical complications that keep them from ever bearing children again.

Even if every woman’s abortion experience was a good one, abortion can never be positive because it takes the life of an innocent, unborn child. And no amount of positive messaging from abortion activists will ever change that.