55-Year-Old Grandmother Becomes the Oldest Mother of Triplets

International   |   Emily Derois   |   Apr 11, 2016   |   5:51PM   |   Washington, DC

Sharon Cutts was already a mother of four grown children and a grandmother when she gave birth to triplets in March.

The Daily Mail reports the 55-year-old grandmother has been declared Britain’s oldest mother of triplets. Despite her age, and her doctor’s encouragement to abort, Cutts is excited to love and care for the three happy additions to her family.

Though Cutts already was a mother, her boyfriend Stuart Reynolds never had children, and the couple decided that they wanted to try to have children together, the report states. After discovering that she was too old for fertility treatment through the British National Health Service, Cutts travelled with Reynolds to Cyprus for in vitro fertilization, a procedure costing £22,000 (about $31,000), according to the report. Because Cutts already went through menopause, she used eggs from a woman who was similar in appearance. These eggs were fertilized with Reynold’s sperm before being put in her womb, the report states.

Because of the risks often involved with pregnancy at such a late age, a physician suggested that one of the children be aborted. But Cutts rejected the idea.

The pregnancy was very difficult. At 23 weeks, Cutts began to bleed; she spent the remainder of her pregnancy at the Nottingham University Hospital. On March 21, after 11 weeks at the hospital, Cutts gave birth to triplets Ryan, Mason, and Lily by Caesarean section, according to the report.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Cutt’s concerned 21-year-old son Charles described his thoughts on the situation: “I’ll always be there for her and support her but I did disagree with the IVF. Obviously I’m concerned for her health because she’s 55.”

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Charles continued, “I’m happy that my mum and Stu got what they wanted…they both seem very tired but I’m sure they’ll get into a routine and it’ll get easier.”

Despite a great deal of concern and uncertainty from family members and physicians, Sharon Cutts chose life for her triplets, and now has three healthy babies. She and her boyfriend said they are overjoyed and eager for what the future now holds for them.