Pro-Life Groups Demand Kamala Harris Resign After Raiding David Daleiden’s Home, Stealing Videos

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 7, 2016   |   4:01PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-life groups are calling on the California attorney general to resign as her ties to Planned Parenthood become increasingly apparent.

On Tuesday, in what appears to be a politically motivated move, officials from California AG Kamala Harris’s office raided the home of David Daleiden, the undercover investigator who exposed Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts. Officials with Harris’ office took personal property from Daleiden — including camera equipment and copies of unreleased Planned Parenthood videos.

Daleiden, the head of the Center for Medical Progress, has been a target of abortion activists and their political friends ever since he released the first undercover video last summer showing a top Planned Parenthood official discussing the sale of aborted babies’ body parts. Since then, CMP has released a dozen undercover videos of the abortion giant’s employees and partner research groups, exposing their horrendous baby body parts trade. However, pro-abortion politicians have been ignoring the evidence of wrong-doing at Planned Parenthood and attacking CMP instead.

SIGN THE PETITION: Drop the Charges Against David Daleiden and Charge Planned Parenthood

Susan B. Anthony List and other pro-life groups believe Harris abused her government power to go after Daleiden, according to Politico.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony List, said in a statement that Harris ought to drop her bid for U.S. Senate and resign from her current position.

“The fact that Ms. Harris is seizing private property of a pro-life California activist who has exposed horrific practices conducted by Planned Parenthood, which donated thousands to her last campaign, while her Senate campaign promotes and defends them — the nation’s largest abortion provider — is a conflict of interest and abuse of government power,” Dannenfelser said. “Ms. Harris should resign from her attorney general post and end her bid for the U.S. Senate. She has abused her government office and no longer deserves the public trust.”

Since the news of the raid hit the mainstream media, information has surfaced about Harris’s close connection to Planned Parenthood. The abortion group and its partners donated more than $81,000 to Harris’s election campaigns, according to documents obtained by Operation Rescue.

Harris also was endorsed by the pro-abortion National Organization for Women. NOW describes her as a “longtime, vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood” who promised to investigate CMP and fight for taxpayer funding of the abortion business.

Here is more from the report:

The call from SBA follows similar ones this week from the anti-abortion group Students for Life of America and Concerned Women for America.

“California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who sent agents to raid the home a citizen journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s practices of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies, is using her Senate campaign website to advocate for the abortion giant, promoting a petition to defend Planned Parenthood,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, said in a statement Wednesday.

“Kamala Harris is engaged in the highest level of corruption and abuse of power. While she uses her KGB-like tactics to seize personal property of an innocent American citizen, the Concerned Women of America CEO and president said in a statement Thursday. “The American people and the citizens of California have had enough of corrupt politicians who abuse their power for political gain.”

And in a statement Tuesday, Daleiden accused Harris of not investigating Planned Parenthood because of her political ties.

“This is no surprise — Planned Parenthood’s bought-and-paid-for AG has steadfastly refused to enforce the law against the baby body parts traffickers in our state, or even investigate them — while at the same time doing their bidding to harass and intimidate citizen journalists,” Daleiden said in a statement. “We will pursue all remedies to vindicate our First Amendment rights.”

Politico reports Harris’s office would not comment about the situation.

Harris oversaw the raid — but she has significant conflict of interest problems. She is funded by Planned Parenthood and her web site is currently promoting a petition for the abortion business.

“To storm into a private citizen’s home with a search warrant is outrageously out of proportion for the type of crime alleged.  It’s a discredit to law enforcement, an oppressive abuse of government power,” said Matt Heffron, a former federal prosecutor in Phoenix AZ and now a legal adviser to David Daleiden.

Daleiden’s legal team at the Life Legal Defense Fund highlighted the issues with Harris in an email to LifeNews:

“California Attorney General Kamala Harris has obtained a warrant to search and seize David Daleiden’s property in retaliation for his investigation into Planned Parenthood’s trade in fetal body parts. Harris threatened to pursue Daleiden after the first undercover video was released last July and is now making good on her threat,” it said. “Yesterday, Department of Justice agents searched David’s home and took away many of his personal belongings.”

“The timing of the warrant appears suspect, as only days ago the Los Angeles Times taunted Harris by asking ‘What’s taking California so long?’ to dispense ‘swift poetic justice’ to David Daleiden,” it added.

“Kamala Harris is a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood and has received campaign donations from numerous Planned Parenthood affiliates. These affiliates are the beneficiaries of millions of dollars in state and federal funds annually—a portion of which is funneled into political campaigns so the billion-dollar abortion cartel can call in favors as needed,” Life Legal continued.

It added:

In video after video, David Daleiden exposes Planned Parenthood officials skirting or violating federal and state laws governing fetal tissue harvesting. The CEO of California-based StemExpress is shown discussing “making it financially beneficial” for abortion providers to sell aborted tissue to fetal tissue brokers. StemExpress is currently resisting requests from Congress seeking information related to buying the bodies of intact and dismembered human fetuses aborted at California Planned Parenthood facilities.

Nevertheless, California’s Attorney General has decided that her loyalty to Planned Parenthood requires her to turn a blind eye to the abortion giant’s unlawful activity. Instead, she has launched an inquisition into David Daleiden, starting with the seizure of his private property and papers.

In contrast, when an undercover investigation of a meat-packing plant revealed potential violations of the law, Kamala Harris defended legislation to stop the barbaric treatment of animals. At no time fit the Attorney General’s office call for an investigation into the undercover journalist who exposed the illegal activity.

Daleiden is facing politically-motivated attacks on multiple fronts. Earlier this year, a Texas grand jury whose task was to investigate Planned Parenthood turned on the pro-life citizen journalist instead.

A Texas grand jury indicted Daleiden and another pro-life activist, Sandra Merritt, behind the videos. Instead of prosecuting Planned Parenthood for selling aborted baby parts, Daleiden was indicted for buying them.

Daleiden rejected a deal for probation on those charges in February, and his attorney said he demands an apology from the Texas district attorney who filed the bogus charges.