Pro-Life Groups Back Ted Cruz for President: “He Will Protect Unborn Babies From Abortion”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 6, 2016   |   9:52AM   |   Washington, DC

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has already received the support of pro-life groups like National right to Life, CatholicVote, and Wisconsin right to Life and now additional pro-life organizations are coming on board saying they support him.

The Rhode Island State Right to Life Committee told LifeNews it is now on board with Cruz and announced its support for the pro-life Texas senator in the upcoming Republican presidential primaries. Rhode Island holds its presidential preference primary on Tuesday, April 26.

“Never has there been a more important presidential election for the pro-life movement. With already one Supreme Court vacancy, and possibly as many as 3 or 4 during the next few years, the next president will determine whether abortion-on-demand will remain the law of our land for another generation, or whether states will regain their right to pass laws protecting innocent human life within their borders,” Barth Bracy, director of the pro-life group, told LifeNews.

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“As president,” Bracy continues, “Ted Cruz would work to protect unborn babies and their mothers from a predatory abortion industry, including from their painful and barbaric practice of dismemberment abortion. He would appoint judges who understand and protect the unalienable right to life and rights of conscience. And he would keep your tax dollars from promoting and paying for abortion-on-demand.”

Bracy said his group supports Ted Cruz as the only presidential candidate with a consistent and proven record on life who can win the Republican nomination and who can defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in November.

“We urge,” adds Bracy, “all pro-life Rhode Island voters who are registered either as Republican or as unaffiliated to vote for Ted Cruz in the presidential preference primaries on Tuesday, April 26.”

Meanwhile, Right to Life of Michigan has announced its support for Cruz.

“As solicitor general of Texas, Ted Cruz helped lead states in defending partial-birth abortion bans and parental notification for abortion laws before the U.S. Supreme Court. Ted Cruz has a 100 percent prolife voting record as scored by National Right to Life,” the group said in an email to LifeNews. “Ted Cruz has promised to defund Planned Parenthood, protect the conscience rights of prolife citizens, and appoint judges who follow the U.S. Constitution.”
“In the last few days Cruz’s main competitor for the nomination, Donald Trump, has made several unclear and contradictory statements about his opposition to abortion,” it said.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “The field has been narrowed, yet many prolife people still have an important choice to make. I encourage prolife voters to ask themselves which candidate has a proven prolife track record and is most likely to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.”

Listing said, “There is a clear contrast in where the candidates stand on life. With the U.S. Supreme Court hanging in the balance, the stakes for the unborn are very high.”

The National Right to Life Board of Directors  on Saturday voted to support pro-life Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the remaining Republican presidential primaries, and that endorsement became public today. The support for Cruz follows a decision by its state affiliate Wisconsin Right to Life to endorse Cruz as well.

The following is a statement from Dave Andrusko of National Right to Life on the support for Cruz:

In the week preceding the Board’s vote, Donald Trump first said on Wednesday that were abortion illegal he would “punish” women who had aborted. He said later the same day he wouldn’t punish these women.

Then, on Friday in a clip from an interview with “Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson that would air Sunday, Trump said, “The laws are set now on abortion and that’s the way they’re going to remain until they’re changed,” adding, “At this moment, the laws are set and I think we have to leave it that way.”

Then, on Friday, after the clip aired, the Trump campaign issued another statement: “Mr. Trump gave an accurate account of the law as it is today and made clear it must stay that way now — until he is president,” it read. “Then he will change the law through his judicial appointments and allow the states to protect the unborn. There is nothing new or different here.”

As reported in NRL News Today, Mr. Trump has said Planned Parenthood does “some good work” but would defund it.

An average of seven recent national political polls shows that Mr. Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 11.2%.

In those same seven polls, Sen. Cruz trails Mrs. Clinton by an average of 3%.

National Right to Life believes Sen. Cruz is the only candidate for president who has always been pro-life, who has a 100% pro-life voting record with National Right to Life, who can win the Republican nomination, and who can defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in November.

In a statement to the Wisconsin Right to Life organization said Cruz is the only candidate int he race who has always been pro-life and has the ability to defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in November.

“Wisconsin Right to Life’s Political Action Committee supports Ted Cruz as the only presidential candidate with a proven record on life who can win,” the group said.

“There has never been an election more important than this election, and the stakes have never been higher when it comes to protecting the unborn,” stated Chelsea Shields, PAC Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “There is only one candidate for president who has always been pro-life, who has a 100% pro-life voting record with National Right to Life and Wisconsin Right to Life, and who can win the Republican nomination and defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in November. And that candidate is Ted Cruz.”

The pro-life organziation said that, as president, Ted Cruz would work to restore legal protections to unborn babies and their mothers, protect unborn babies from abortion, including painful and barbaric dismemberment abortions, appoint judges who protect life, and keep your tax dollars from paying for abortion.

“For these reasons, Wisconsin Right to Life’s Political Action Committee is urging every pro-life voter in Wisconsin to vote for Ted Cruz in the Presidential Preference Primary on April 5th,” the group concluded.

Cruz has a 100% pro-life voting record as a member of the Senate . On 10 total votes on pro-life issues taken while has has served in the Senate, Cruz voted pro-life every single time.

The votes tallied by the national Right to Life Committee include multiple votes supporting a bill to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business over the years, votes to repeal or de-fund Obamacare, which uses taxpayer funds to pay for abortions as well as votes to protect the conscience rights of pro-life Americans.

In a recent interview, Cruz expound on his pro-life views and said that pro-abortion Democrats use the issue of contraception to try to attack pro-life Republicans and make them look like extremists.

Cruz gave an interview last week to the Catholic news network EWTN and he asked Cruz about some comments he made supporting contraception. The Texas senator said he was pushing back against a Democratic “political attack that was deliberately deceptive.”

“I am unequivocally pro-life, I believe that every life is a precious gift from God that needs to be protected from the moment of conception until the moment of natural death,” he said.