Planned Parenthood Activist Slams Hillary for Accidentally Calling Unborn Baby a “Person”

National   |   Conor Beck   |   Apr 5, 2016   |   5:48PM   |   Washington, DC

A Planned Parenthood “manager of community engagement” removed a connection to her employer from her Twitter account this week after criticizing Hillary Clinton, in a move that suggests that unconditional support for Clinton is key to the abortion group.

In a rare twist, the criticism was for Clinton not being pro-abortion enough. The criticism came in the wake of Clinton’s statement Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press that “the unborn person does not have Constitutional rights.” Though Clinton’s statement was clearly intended to convey as pro-abortion a position possible, Planned Parenthood employee Diana Arellano criticized Clinton for “calling a fetus an ‘unborn child,’” according to Newsmax.

It is unclear whether Arellano also was offended by Clinton’s description of pregnant women as “a mother who is carrying a child.” Not wanting to cause alarm about criticizing the Planned Parenthood-endorsed candidate, Arellano later tweeted, “Since some people are unclear, my tweets are my own opinions and not a reflection of where I work.”

She also removed a description of her career at Planned Parenthood from her Twitter bio and replaced it with: “Unapologetic about abortion care and access & reproductive justice,” according to the Washington Times.

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However, it is true that Clinton used language that Planned Parenthood actively avoids. Words like child, unborn baby and person are avoided in abortion discussions, and for obvious reason: It makes clear what it means to “end a pregnancy,” Planned Parenthood’s preferred description for abortions.

Despite using what abortion advocates believe is the politically incorrect way to describe killing unborn children, there should be no doubt how radically pro-abortion Clinton is. Any time there has been legislation proposed to defend unborn babies, the abortion industry has and can reliably count on her to shoot it down. That’s why Planned Parenthood got behind Clinton in an unprecedented presidential primary endorsement.

Using language that the pro-life movement does is noteworthy, however. It confirms that Clinton knows that abortion ends a life, and not just a pregnancy. She just does not care.