Watch as Pro-Life Advocate Ben Shapiro Schools an Abortion Supporter During a Debate

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 31, 2016   |   9:07AM   |   Annapolis, MD

Political commentator, author and lawyer Ben Shapiro has a knack for knowing just what to say during an intense moment. Because he is a well-known conservative, Shapiro often finds himself in such moments, whether in mainstream media interviews or on college campuses.

On Monday, Shapiro spoke at Salisbury University in Maryland then opened up the floor for questions. When two pro-abortion students challenged his pro-life views, another one of those moments came up again. Shapiro skillfully responded to the barrage of questions and received applause from many in the crowd.

Here is part of the conversation, based on a transcript from The Daily Wire:

Shapiro: I don’t think that killing babies is the solution to you making bad sexual decisions.  End of story.   The unsuccessful decision that you made was the decision you made to have sex out of wedlock. and then get pregnant out of wedlock, that decision is not alleviated by killing  —

Student: So women should just suck it up and have a child?

Shapiro: If you get pregnant, yes.  Because you don’t get to kill things just because it’s in your uterus.

Student: It’s my body, how about you just stay out of it.

Shapiro: How about it’s a baby.  You don’t get to kill it just because it’s in there. I don’t care about your appendix, I don’t care about your thorax, I don’t even care about your uterus.  I care about what’s in it.

Student: I can take out my appendix if I don’t want it.  Why can’t I take out other parts of my body?

Shapiro: Because they’re not independent living human beings.

Student: They’re not independent living beings when they’re a bundle of cells.

Shapiro: Are you also against partial birth abortion? At what point does that bundle of cells become a human being in your view? …  That is a relevant question.  If your argument is that that’s a bundle of cells, then the question becomes when it’s not a bundle of cells.

The pro-abortion students ignored the questions and continued to ask questions of their own. They contended that abortion should be allowed because an unborn baby is just a “bundle of cells” and isn’t viable outside the womb.



Shapiro: So you can only live on life support, you’re not a person?  You stop being a person?  So if you get a car crash today and get put on life support and put in an iron lung, take out the iron lung and you’re gonna die, you’re not a person anymore?  Is that how this works?

Student: If my brain is no longer functioning…

Shapiro: No, your brain is functioning, but you can’t breathe on your own,

Student: Then I’m still technically viable.

Shapiro: No, you’re not, because the machine is keeping you alive.  Again the bottom line is that if you are defining whether something is a life or not based on your own convenience, that is the nature of evil.

After the event, Shapiro tweeted:

A video of the back-and-forth is circulating around the internet. Watch it here.

Shapiro has faced backlash for his conservative, pro-life positions before. In February, the president of the California State University Los Angeles tried to cancel Shapiro’s scheduled lecture, cited the need to organize a more “inclusive event.” When Shapiro did speak, a mob of students threatened the event and pulled the fire alarm while he was speaking, according to The Blaze.