Cecile Richards on Planned Parenthood Aborting Babies: We Need to “Really Humanize It”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 31, 2016   |   9:10AM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has become a favorite for liberal news outlet interviews lately.

These saccharine interviews probably would better be described as flattering free advertisements for the abortion business. They are clearly the pro-abortion media’s reaction to the public outrage over the abortion business whose employees have been caught in a series of undercover videos discussing the sale of aborted babies body parts.

Richards’ latest appearance was with Interview Magazine. Laverne Cox, who plays a character on the TV show Orange Is the New Black, conducted the interview. Cox practically fawned over Richards throughout the piece, asking friendly questions that put Richards and her abortion business in a positive light.

“I’m so proud to be at Planned Parenthood,” Richards said. “It’s something I never even dreamed of doing, but it’s an organization that provides care to so many folks, many of whom don’t really have another health care provider and certainly not a place they can go to and not feel shamed or judged.”

Cox never questioned Richards’ statements but assumed them to be facts. When Richards claimed that a Texas law defunding Planned Parenthood left “more than a hundred thousand women” without access to birth control or basic health care, Cox simply complimented Richards and agreed. However, Richards’ claim has been debunked several times.

Richards also claimed that Planned Parenthood is a leader in screening for “intimate partner violence, because so many of our patients may not have anyone else to talk to about what’s going on in their life. I want to make sure that we don’t forget the importance of addressing the totality of people’s health care needs and emotional needs as a health care provider.”

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But if Cox had looked into this at all, she would have found that Planned Parenthood has a long history of hiding sexual abuse, even failing to report the rape of minors and covering up sex trafficking.

One of the most sickening parts of the interview was their discussion about the TV show Scandal, which recently showed a main character aborting her unborn baby with a smile while Silent Night played in the background. The episode lived up to the show’s name, causing outrage among viewers for its glorification of abortion.

But for Richards and Cox, the abortion episode was “beautiful.” Richards went so far as to say the show “humanized” abortion.

COX: … I just can’t help but think about this powerful episode [of Scandal] where Olivia Pope needs to terminate her pregnancy. I don’t know if you know that episode. It’s really beautiful. The women I’ve known who have had to terminate pregnancies, it’s the hardest decision they’ve made. It’s the most difficult thing they’ve ever had to go through. So many of the discussions around Roe v. Wade, it’s really a privacy issue. There should be some things still that are private, that should be sacred and between a woman and her doctor or a woman and her family. As a trans woman, me having the right to do whatever I want and need to do with my body should be my right. And it should be my business.

RICHARDS: Well, that’s it. It really has to do with bodily autonomy when it comes down to it. I do think that was such a powerful episode. I think Kerry Washington is brave. I think Shonda Rhimes is heroic. Every family, everybody, deals with these issues one way or another. I think to really humanize it and say, “This is the most personal decision that many people will make in their lifetime,” and the thought that anyone other than that person would make that decision, and that you would put that in the hands of government, is just unthinkable. Sophia [Cox’s character on OITNB] doesn’t even have her own bodily autonomy there in prison. To me, it’s very similar to what we’re dealing with at Planned Parenthood.

Richards is trying desperately to save her abortion business’s reputation amid continuous exposure of wrong-doing at Planned Parenthood, and mainstream media groups are trying to help her do it. But more Americans are seeing through the facade and rejecting the idea that either Planned Parenthood or abortion are necessary to the health of women and their families.